Upset Stomach Remedies: 10 Home Remedies

Are you having an abdominal pain, loose stool and increasing bowel moments? If yes, you must be suffering from an upset stomach, happens mostly due to food, drinks and your lifestyle. It’s better go for home remedies for upset stomach remedies rather than allopathic medicine.

In normal cases, upset stomach can really get irritating while in severe cases, the disease can be life threatening. However, with simple curative measures and home remedies, your stomach will no longer be upset.

10 Effective Upset Stomach Remedies That Might Help You

upset stomach remedies

1. Eat high fibered foods

A good way to get relief from an upset stomach is by eating foods rich in fiber. Fiber increases your digestive power with proper digestion process. Less fiber in your body means slower digestion and an upset stomach. Proper supplementation of fiber also helps to get rid of constipation, another of the stomach problems.

But rapid increase in intake of fiber can work the other way round by triggering the upset stomach. Take your time and increase the amount of fiber you intake. Foods like beans, almonds, green veggies, cauliflower are rich in fiber.

2. Drink more water

Dehydration is the major cause of an upset stomach. If you want to get rid of an upset stomach, stick with water as it helps to regulate the excess of acids in your stomach. Because of frequent bowel movements or diarrhea during upset stomach, your body loses water or gets dehydrated. In such case, water can be the best medicine. Also, when you drink water, your intestines and stomach function properly preventing stomach diseases. Quantity of water or liquid required for an individual varies from person to person. However, 7-8 glasses of water each day is normally required for a human.

3. Control stress and relax

Too much of stress in the body and lack of rest or relaxation causes an upset stomach. It can disturb our digestive function and may lead to problems like indigestion, constipation and irritated bowel. So, you need to relax and manage your stress so as to get rid of an upset stomach.

4. Try heating your stomach

Soothing your stomach with heat is another good remedy to get rid of an upset stomach. You can use hot bags, heating pads or water bottles with hot water. The heat on your stomach improves the digestive processes and improves the circulation. Heat in stomach will also distract you from pain and relax your stomach muscles. Keep in mind that leaving it for too long or using too hot water may damage your skin and cause you another problem.

5. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains acids that decrease starch digestion and helps improve the digestion process. It is generally taken with a glass of warm water and a teaspoonful of honey which improves the digestion process and helps to get rid of gas as well as an upset stomach.

6. Yoghurt can help

Dairy products are usually not favored to relieve an upset stomach. Milk products often hinder digestion process as it is not easy to digest. It can support bloating, gas and you may have an upset stomach along with other stomach problems. As for dairy products, yoghurt can be the exception. Why? Because yoghurt contains aka bacteria which are useful to improve the digestive process and boost the immune system. Avoid preservatives and sugar for maximum benefits.

7. Caraway and fennel seeds

Caraway seeds contain vitamins and minerals which help to eliminate bacteria from body that support indigestion, bloating and upset stomach. Caraway and fennel seed also helps to get rid of gas problems. You can simply chew the seeds after dinner or you can have it in the form of tea.

8. Choose your food

Doesn’t look like a remedy, does it? But the main cause of an upset stomach is not eating appropriate food. So, in order to get rid of an upset stomach, you need to choose the right food and diet plan. Avoid spicy and heavy foods that are difficult to digest. Also, take time to eat your food and eat moderately.

9. Get relief with ginger

Ginger is used to get rid of indigestion, gas and nausea and to heal burns as it is anti-inflammatory. Many other similar stomach related problems is cured and prevented by ginger. It also helps food to flow smoothly through the digestive tract, allowing the body to better absorb nutrients. Practice intake of ginger tea daily until you get rid of your upset stomach or continue to prevent stomach problems. Ginger tea or ginger slice, it is your choice.

10. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Yes, not one of those upset stomach remedies but can most effectively trigger your stomach problems. Smoking causes inflammation in the stomach and disrupts the digestive process. Too much of alcohol consumption can result in dehydration which is a major cause of upset stomach. Quit smoking and limit the intake of alcohol. Actually, quit drinking too to develop a healthy stomach.