8 Tips to Use Green Tea for Burning Fat Quickly

Green Tea for Burning Fat Quickly This ancient herb has an incredible power when it comes to losing weight and burning fat. Discovered before 4000 years ago, green tea consists of antioxidants like polyphenols, theophylline, caffeine, and vitamin C, A, B1, P, K, and B12. Many people use green tea for burning fat quickly. Green tea is believed to have various health benefits like avoiding cancer, improving concentration and alertness, improving blood flow, lowering cholesterol, a healthy heart and many others on the list. It is more than just colored water. The antioxidants and compounds in green tea help creating hormones that aids fat burning.

green tea for burning fat quicklyCaffeine present in green tea causes to increase metabolism in our body. Metabolism on the other hand, helps consuming fat and causes you to burn fat. ECGC (Epigallocatechin gallate) is another important antioxidant to boost metabolism. It helps break down the fat cells and results to convert fat into energy. Green tea extract also can be used as a supplement for athletes and bodybuilders. Now for those interested to burn fat and look good in the mirror, following are some useful tips to use green tea for burning fat quickly.

Green tea for burning fat quickly tips:

green tea for furning fat

1. Change your morning routine: First and foremost, it is better to replace your morning tea or coffee with a cup of healthy green tea. Drinking that fresh cup in the morning helps boost your metabolism and continues to burn your fat for the whole day. Besides, green tea contains caffeine which makes it a perfect replacement for coffee.

2. Make it a habit: Unless you are committed to drink the powerful cup every single day, losing weight would be a tough task. It makes no sense as to be motivated for a couple of days and to expect a slim figure. It takes a couple of months to burn that excess fat in your body. So sticking to the habit of drinking at least one cup a day would be a great choice to lose weight.

3. Choose your brand: Quality of leaves as well as added ingredients in some of the brands makes a huge difference in your health. As you are determined to consume your cup every single day, choosing a better brand also should be on the top of your to-do’s list. For maximum green tea benefits for losing weight, brand plays a vital role. There are also some brands specially designed for burning fat and losing weight. Try them!

4. Go beyond a cup: Just a cup of tea a day won’t do wonders if you want to lose weight very quickly. At least two cups, one after waking up in the morning and one just before bed time has to be a compulsion. However, drinking several few cups won’t do any bad if you haven’t forgotten other health benefits of this magical herb.

5. Get help from experts: People who have already tried using this wonderful formula can help you with various essential tips. Extract knowledge from other green tea users about what works when it comes to losing weight. How much amount is to be used, how often you need to drink, what other ingredients do you need to add are some of the questions that need to be answered. Observe their genuine answers and try what works best for you.

6. Serve it hot: Another great tip to use green tea for burning fat quickly. For maximum benefits, it’s best to serve yourself with a hot cup of green tea. There isn’t any vast difference in a hot cup and an iced cup but for losing weight, usually a hot cup works like charm. People are usually interested in serving themselves with an iced cup as it tastes better but believe me, a hot cup will work wonders for burning your abdominal fat.

7. Use it for overall fitness: Not only its benefits for losing weight with its ingredients, green tea also helps you avoiding junk foods, afternoon snacks and other unhealthy foods. Your craving towards these junk foods naturally stops with just a few cups of green tea each day. Automatically, you will burn fat, lose more weight and become more fit and slim when you’ll add healthier foods to your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

8. Exercise: For burning fat at a faster rate, exercise is a must. But what’s important here is the relation between exercise and green tea. Studies have shown that athletes who consume green tea and use green tea extract as a supplement burn more fat than those who don’t. Try this essential tip and you will find yourself losing weight in no time.