10 Effective Stomach Ache Remedies for Adults

Stomach ache can sometimes be the major symptom of other serious stomach hazards like appendicitis and diverticulitis for adults. So, What might be the effective stomach ache remedies for adults? Mostly, the abdominal pain is caused due to gastritis, nausea, indigestion, irritation and improper foods. Another common cause can be gastroenteritis or diarrhea caused due to inflammation in gastrointestinal tract.

However, the causes of stomach ache are not so specific and can be determined by the strength and nature of the ache. Some common causes include indigestion, constipation, menstruation, gallstones, hernia, crohn’s disease, gas, ulcers and kidney stones. Stomach ache during menstruation period can be normal as long as the pain is normal.

In case you are suffering from a serious ache, visiting your doctor is the only choice. However, common and normal stomach aches can be reduced and even cured with some effective stomach ache remedies for adults.

10 Effective Stomach Ache Remedies for Adults

Stomach Ache Remedies for adults

1. Get rid of indigestion and gas

The major and most common cause of stomach ache is indigestion and gastritis problem. When your stomach cannot digest the food properly, intestinal problems occur with increase in unwanted ailments. Also, not having a proper diet plan and time schedule for eating can result in the production of gas because of which the stomach bears a lot of pressure. Eating light foods more often instead of eating heavy foods with vast time difference can help you to get rid of the gas stored in your stomach. You can take a 5-10 minutes light walk after your meals for proper digestion.

2. Prevent nausea

You easily can figure out if the ache you are suffering from is due to nausea. Nausea can be the cause if you have the feeling of vomiting very often. In such cases, trying to prevent nausea can help. Drinking enough liquid, avoiding alcohol, getting rest, avoiding oily foods are the best ways to prevent or get rid of nausea.

3. Use hot bags

Cover your stomach with a hot water bag. It can help a lot than you expect. The heat caused by the hot bag helps to loosen and relax the muscles providing relief and easiness. Make sure not to prepare the bag with boiling water to prevent skin burns.

4. Help yourself with ginger tea

Ginger contains natural ingredients that relax intestinal muscles and the stomach. Thanks to its medicinal properties that helps in reducing indigestion, abdominal pain and nausea. Not only ginger tea, ginger can be taken in any form as long as it is fresh. Choose less spicy ginger if possible.

5. Try aloe juice

Aloe juice reduces gas in the stomach and helps in proper digestion. With proper digestion, you will notice the difference. For pain because of stomach cramps, it can be considered as one of the most effective stomach ache remedies for adults.

6. Fresh lemon water

Due to the acidic property of lemon, it helps in stimulating stomach acids and results in proper digestion. In other words, it reduces indigestion that accompanies stomach ache.

7. Use chamomile

Chamomile is very useful to reduce the inflammation in the stomach, often caused by gas. It works as an anti-inflammatory remedy. It not only relaxes the muscles to let the food pass through but also calms the nerves and soothes the stomach ache. In the form of tea, chamomile is most comfortable with added benefits.

8. Drink baking soda or lime soda water

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate that helps to get rid of various stomach ailments. Lime soda water can also aid to ease the pain caused by gastritis. Stomach ache caused by overeating can be instantly soothed with these remedies.

9. Manage weight and stress

More weight means more fat muscles in your mid-section pushing the stomach upward with the acids which results in discomfort and uneasiness. Make sure you have a fit body or at least maintain your body so that it compromises with the stomach problems and aches. A lot of stress leads to nausea and indigestion which accompanies stomach pain. Therefore, stress management should be your concern.

10. Make a correct eating schedule

Make a correct eating schedule and eat quality foods frequently. Remember to eat light foods, not heavy. Also, avoid spicy and fatty foods. These are difficult to digest and may cause an abnormal pain. A proper eating schedule helps to get rid of the amount of unwanted gas with a pleasant feeling in your stomach.