Smokers Cough Home Remedies

A smoker’s cough usually is a dreadful and persistent cough lasting for several (15-20) days. This type of cough experienced only by smokers is one of the most efficient ways to differentiate non-smokers from long-term smokers. You may be experiencing very hurtful series of coughs with a higher frequency of phlegm if you are suffering from smoker’s cough. Treatment using the natural smokers cough remedy is very effective.

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Usually, you will be experiencing this cough the first thing in the morning. For starters, dry cough and for long-term smokers, this dreadful cough is a normal happening. You may want to consider smokers cough remedy to weaken the intensity of your cough with several medications and home products.

Smokers Cough: Symptoms


Not all the long term smokers suffer from smoker’s cough. But most of the people i.e. (80-90) % become the victim. So there is a good chance that you will be experiencing symptoms of smoker’s cough if you are one.

1. Persistent cough

The major symptom. If you are coughing all the day that lasts for a few weeks, then you probably are suffering from a smoker’s cough. The cough is usually intense in the morning with green or yellow-colored phlegm.

2. Shortness of breath

Even light exercises like walking, climbing the stairs or household works would make you difficult to breathe. It is because of the decrease in oxygen levels that you are having a hard time to breathe in and out with a light pain in the lungs. In severe cases, some may experience shortness of breath without any physical exercise.

3. Fatigue

Another major symptom for long term smokers. Just a little physical exercise and you may feel like you have been working for a week without sleep.

4. Loss of weight

This is common to all of the smokers. But in case of a smoker’s cough, you may lose weight rapidly.

5. Blood is present in cough

Occasionally, you may cough up blood with phlegm in the second or third week. Blood in Phlegm is also one of the symptoms of a more dangerous disease: Tuberculosis.

6. Pain in throat and difficulty to speak

Because of a persistent cough, you may have a dry pain in your throat. You may also feel difficult to speak and voice may change. This is usually because of the ever present phlegms in your throats.

Natural Smokers Cough Remedies

smokers cough remedy

1. Water

Doesn’t look like one but drinking required amount of water really is a powerful smokers cough remedy to weaken this dreadful cough. It lubricates your throat, pharynx and lungs and controls the pain given by smoker’s cough to some extent.

Read about the other benefits of water here.

2. Mixture of ginger and honey

Ginger helps to clean out the toxins inside your lungs and flushes out the tar due to long term smoking. Whenever you cannot stop coughing, try mixing the ginger extract with honey in equal ratio and take one teaspoonful of the mixture. Honey helps to soothe the pain in your throat and lungs.

3. Warm salt water

Gargle with warm salt water every night to ease the pain in your throat. You will also experience less intense cough in the morning. Smoker’s cough usually explodes in the morning. Try drinking hot water every night and early in the morning to weaken the intensity of the cough.

4. Exercise

You may have a hard time exercising if you are a long term smoker but trust me, this remedy cannot be neglected. Try yoga, gymnastics or any kind of plyometric exercises for a month and you will notice the difference in your lifestyle and your disease. Exercising develops a healthy cardiovascular system and healthy lungs.

Exercise also helps to relieve stress. Read more on the what gains you will achieve on exercising regularly.

5. Organic foods

If the smoker’s cough is troubling you too much, you may have to consider rescheduling your diet plan. Subtract oily and fatty foods and add organic recipes to your diet plan. Fruits, green vegetables, cashew, almonds can help replace your previous diet. Green tea is another important organic tea to reduce the frequency of your cough.

Find an organic store near you-US only. This one as well.

6. Find an alternative

Try alternatives like tea, coffee, chewing gums to get you occupied.You can also try foods that simulate your smoking action. One of such foods is chips. The other much healthier option is popcorn.


You will have to quit smoking in the first place before you apply the smokers cough remedy. For a long term chain smoker, quitting can really be troublesome. Join rehab if you have to. A majority of people also quit smoking by occupying oneself with their past hobbies like playing musical instruments, sports, yoga.

People quit smoking multiple times in life. That shows how easy and hard it is at the same time to quit smoking. But if you really want to lead and live a better longer life, quitting smoking is the best remedy.