Pressure Points to Relieve Headache

Headaches may be of different variations. Almost every person in this earth may experience or has experienced headaches of any variation at any point in their life. Sinus headaches, migraines, normal headaches, headaches due to hangover, headaches due to dust and smoke, headaches due to pressure and other similar types can be experienced normally. For every type, a single remedy can be effective. Pressure points to relieve headache is what you learn here.

Still, people are unknown about the major reason causing migraine and similar strong headaches. Hormonal change, smoking and usage of drugs, pressure from work and day to day life problems can be some common causes of strong headaches. Similarly, excessive milk intake, cold and flu, can be the causes of sinus headache. Every type has its own causes. Also, every type has its own treatments. Various medical treatments are available and effective for various types. Even home remedies are proven to be effective for headaches to some extent.

But the fact you need to know here or you need to learn here is how you could treat your headache with your own body. Or using your body as a remedy for headache. Yes, acupressure is what I am talking about. From ancient times, where there used to be just ayurvedas, saints used acupressure as a remedy to relieve any kind of pain in their body. Even now the method is effective for such major problems. For some, headaches can be really very irritating and can be persistent. Knowing the fact about the pressure points to relieve headache can be handy to those.

Back pain and headaches can always be related. Along with the pain, the pressure points for both of the problems can sometimes be related. The headache you feel can spread up to your spines causing back pain and vice versa. Some of the pressure points to relieve headache can also cause relief to your back.

Pressure Points to Relieve Headache | Acupressure

pressure points to relieve headache

1.     The area between your index finger and thumb

Also known as union valley, this area of your hands is one of those pressure points to relieve headache. The fleshy part just between the base of your thumb and a little below the base of your index finger is what you need to notice. Triggering this part is also effective for your back pain and as for headaches; pain in your forehead is relieved.

2.      The area where your nose and cheeks meet

Commonly known as welcome fragrance. The area where your nose and your cheeks meet i.e. at the base of your nose where your nose and cheeks meet is where you need to press. This point is very much effective for sinus headache victims. Sinus allergies as well as sinus headache can be controlled.

3.     The back of your neck

You may not be able to locate the points if I say just the back of your neck. Many people who know well about acupressure are mistaken here. We have certain trigger points that specially focus your headache. Wind pool is the region. The sides of your spines where your spines end horizontally are the points. More specifically, the area between your ear and spines may make you clear. Pain in eyes, neck, back and forehead can be relieved by triggering this point. This area may also be considered as one of the pressure points to relieve back pain.

4.     Your foot

Between your first and second toe, this area is located. Find out the fleshy part between your first toe and your second toe and go 1 inch down to locate the area. Press for 3-4 minutes lightly.

5.     Below your eyebrow

Below your eyebrow and just near the bridge of your nose is where your need to press for at least a minute. This is another of the effective pressure points to relieve headache which are most effective for pain in the eyes specially caused by sinus headaches.

6.     The area between your two eyebrows

The third eye point. This is the area where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead, also described as the area between your eyebrows. One of the very effective pressure points to relieve headache is third eye point. Again, for getting rid of eye pain, ulcer pain, and other eye problems, this is the area you need to press.

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