8 Physical Signs of Depression

Depression not only invites the mental and emotional symptoms, physical signs can also be common during a depression phase. Sometimes we get confused with physical signs of depression.

Are you suffering from physical signs like tiredness and fatigue, joint pain, sleep disturbance or change in appetite? It may be depression or it may not be depression. When in depression, physical signs along with mental and emotional problems are experienced. So, physical signs of depression can be easily figured out.

There are many physical signs of depression where pains and aches are most common. The worst part here is, these pains won’t go away until you hold on with your depression. Moreover, when depression is neglected, it may be an open invitation for other physical problems like heart disease and strokes.Depression can also cause various other diseases related with the nervous system can occur.

Physical symptoms of depression are very difficult thing to deal with. They may make you more depressed and thus more symptoms to deal with. The more physical signs you have in depression, the more severe is your case of depression. You have frequent mood swings and disorders with various negative thoughts and feelings. Physical signs are equally difficult to diagnose. They can be chronic as well.

physical signs of depression

Physical Signs of Depression

1. Joint pain

Joint pains are normally very difficult and uncomfortable to bear. If you have a chronic joint pain, depression makes it, even more, worse. During the depression, these joint pains are accompanied by muscle aches. The joint pains can also be a cause of other physical signs of depression. The depressed ones suffering from these chronic pains are at a high risk of suffering from major depression.

For those who have severe joint problems, click here.

2. Back pain

If you are a previous victim of back pain, depression will surely worsen it. Back pain during depression includes stiffness and aches in lower back, upper back, spine and neck. The pain, stress and tension in your body is held by shoulders and neck. When these places start to pain, you just cannot help yourself. You cannot afford to bear the pain; these are too severe even for the adults to swallow without any problem.

A good massage in the triggered parts can help you get an instant relief. Regular massage is also very effective as it helps you to get rid of depression, at least from major depression.

3. Chest pain

Depression and chest pain are very much closely related. When you have a heart disease, you have more chances of being depressed and vice versa. Chest pain also can lead to major heart diseases and strokes if your depression is not treated timely. Patients with a heart disease and major depression have a very high risk of death!

4. Migraine

Headaches are the most common physical signs of depression. Migraine patients have a very high chance of getting depressed, as migraine patients have very immediate mood swings and mood disorders. If you are a migraine patient, depression will make it worse. Even if you are not, you might already have a very good base ready to trigger a migraine – depression.

5. Digestive problem

The most annoying physical sign of depression is the digestive problem. Firstly, you won’t have the mood to eat anything. Even if you do, every time you eat, digestive problems won’t leave you alone.

It includes bloating, diarrhoea, constipation and bowel movements which can be very irritating and dreadful. It may also be accompanied by nausea and gastrointestinal problems. Check your foods and avoid foods rich in sugar and caffeine.

Junk foods, alcohols, cigarettes trigger your depression even more. Target for foods rich in fibre like fruits and healthy vegetables that help to rejuvenate your brain and make it function properly. Probiotics can also get you rid of digestive problems. Before any kind of medications in case of depression, it is always better to consult with experts.

6. Sleep disturbance

When you are not in control mentally you have disturbance in sleep. You face problems when you go to bed. You cannot fall asleep easily, you wake up too early and you sleep much less than normal. A study has suggested that if you sleep less than 6 hours a day, your life might be shortening. Hence, this is a very big problem.

7. Change in appetite

Another physical sign of depression is the change in appetite or loss in appetite. This may make a change in your weight. Either you lose weight as you lose appetite or you gain weight due to excessive intake of carbohydrate.

8. Dizziness and fatigue

Physical signs of depression also include feeling of dizziness, yet you can’t get proper sleep. Depression can result in fatigue in your body, even if you are not exercising. You feel tired, exhausted and feel irritated without any cause. Read here about how to get rid of dizziness.