Guaranteed Natural Headache Remedies

A common problem, in fact, the most common health problem to people is headache. It is a common complaint of every people. Headache can be the result of various causes like work stress, tension, disturbed and incomplete sleep, skipped meals, alcohol, flu, uncomfortable posture and many more. Whatever be the cause, the ache is really disturbing and miserable. Home remedies or natural remedies don’t have any side effects so, It’s better to use natural headache remedies to cure headache.

NO! Don’t catch the painkillers and aspirins. I am not saying painkillers and aspirin won’t cure headache. But the next time you experience even a slight pain, you will need another tablet. You will also weaken your immune system as you use these types of tablets continuously.

Natural Headache Remedies That Works

natural headache remedies

1. Use essential oils

A very effective way to soothe headache is by specific scents. Mostly used and most effective is lavender oil. It not only smells good but also helps soothe your headache in a very efficient way. Just mix few drops of lavender oil in boiled water and inhale. Make sure you don’t take it orally. Massaging with lavender oil in the triggered part can also help. You may get relief. But in case you are allergic to oils, do not try.

Another essential oil is peppermint oil which gives you an instant relief by clearing your mind and easing the stress and discomfort. Massage in the triggered area by peppermint oil and relax. If you’re having difficulties, just inhale by mixing in boiled water.

2. Coffee is your friend

Caffeine in the coffee helps to get rid of headache. It helps the body to absorb the headache drugs and bring faster relief. But don’t over drink it. Over drinking coffee can make you dehydrated. Problems like sleeping issues, anxiety and abdominal pain will trigger you if amount of coffee exceeds. Get a hot cup of coffee early after your bed. Do not drink more than two times. And for people having difficulty to sleep, never drink coffee after 5 PM. Caffeine in coffee can make you awake for a long time.

3. Chew a slice of ginger

Ginger has been known for soothing headaches for a long time. Some fatty substances change the biological functions causing pain and inflammation in the neurons. Ginger, an anti inflammatory natural alternative soothes the pain and gets you free from headache.

4. Drink water, stay hydrated

The average fluid you drink is not enough for the body to remain hydrated. Drink plenty of water and liquids to keep your body hydrated, especially during the day time. Alcohol and other sugary drinks can get you dehydrated causing hangover and resulting headache. So, try avoiding these as much as possible. Excessive coffee also plays a crucial part in causing headache as it makes you dehydrated. So, limit the amount of coffee and take the advantage instead.

5. Practice yoga and exercise

One of the most important natural headache remedies. Relax and rest. It a great way to keep your mind tension free and get relief from headache. For most of the people stress and work load is the major cause of normal headache.

Rest in a dark and silent room. Practicing yoga will keep your mind focused, relaxed and stretch your muscles. Stretching is a very good exercise for soothing headache. Regular exercise is also a vital part as it keeps you away from the stress; your main goal is to forget about the stress. Take part in different activities. Stay outside, get some fresh air and enjoy! Give it a regular time.

6. Sleep regularly and correct your posture

One of the reasons for an aching head is incomplete and irregular sleep. In fact, sleep plays very important role; a major role. If you do not sleep overnight or your sleep is incomplete and improper, than you are the easiest target of headache. Get plenty of sleep and try to be comfortable. Let your body get enough rest. You also need to correct your posture. Sit straight, walk straight and stand straight. Improper sleeping posture also causes headache.

7. Apply pressure on your trigger point

Massaging or simply applying pressure in your trigger point can also help. Massage gently with your index finger and thumb of both hands in the triggered part of your head. Ice pack can also help in severe situations. Get an ice pack and apply it on your triggered point. It reduces inflammation in your head and gets relief of headache caused by expanding blood vessels. Soothe your head with heat if the ache is due to tension and anxiety. Acupressure may also help you as one of the natural headache remedies. Get help from expert.