Major Symptoms of Appendicitis in Adults

Also known as epityphlitis, appendicitis occurs because of the inflammation caused in your appendix (located at the junction of small and large intestine). The treatment for appendicitis usually is medical operations (major or minor). Depending on the degree and seriousness of appendicitis, treatment is provided to the patient. In some of the severe cases, appendix bursts out which can be life-threatening. So operations are performed as soon as possible to prevent appendix from bursting. Are you aware of symptoms of appendicitis in adults? If not lets find out.

Symptoms of Appendicitis in Adults

Symptoms related with appendicitis can vary depending on different aspects. Age, gender and lifestyle have some effect on the symptoms given by appendicitis. Moreover, symptoms of appendicitis in adults can be more acute and serious in comparison with toddlers.


Both the causes and symptoms of appendicitis in adults are related with the stomach. Inflammation and infection in the appendix is what causes appendicitis. So, factors causing infection in the appendix are the major causes of appendicitis. Some of the common causes include:

  • Worms
  • Unbalanced diet plan
  • Intake of junk foods
  • Lack of blood flow to the appendix

Most Common Symptoms of Appendicitis in Adults

1.      Pain on the right side of lower abdomen

Appendicitis simply means inflamed appendix which again means the invitation of pain on the lower right side of abdomen. One of the most common and earlier symptoms of appendicitis in adults is pain in the lower abdomen. This pain may hunt you normally and could get worse if you try to move your legs, walk, bend low or perform any other activity that hits your abdomen.

2.      Low fever

Fever and appendicitis are almost always attached. Unbalanced ailments in the stomach are what causes abnormal rise of temperature in your body. However, low fever being a symptom, if you have intense fever that never goes away, you could already be the victim of appendicitis. With fever, sometimes the symptoms could be abnormal shaking and feeling of chilliness time to time.

3.      Pain may worsen

Pain caused in various parts of stomach may intensify as symptoms starts changing to the actual disease.  Timing may not be fixed which may cause sleeping problems to people if pain intensifies at night. Severe pain in the lower right abdomen may be just a symptom of appendicitis in adults. However, strong pain may be a symptom that the disease is very much near to you.

4.      Loss of appetite

Another of the most expected symptoms of appendicitis in adults is loss of appetite. You may never dream of eating if you have such a severe pain in your stomach.  Loss of appetite accompanied by nausea and vomiting could be a nightmare during this phase of appendicitis. Fever and pain in the lower abdomen causes loss of appetite to become more intense.

5.      Abdominal swelling

Swelling of abdomen is another of the most common symptoms of appendicitis in adults. Mostly, the swelling could be caused by the pain and inflammation in the appendix. But anyway, swelling is another symptom of appendicitis. Never confuse swelling with gas or bloating. Bloating being another symptom, sometimes both swelling and bloating could occur.

6.      Diarrhea

Diarrhea may be seen in some of the cases. This symptom however, varies with the situation and person. Not all of the people experience diarrhea as a symptom of appendicitis.

7.     Constipation

Same like that of diarrhea. You may either experience diarrhea or constipation or none of them as symptoms of appendicitis. But there is no chance that you will bear both of them. Constipation can be more severe if it chases you as the symptom of appendicitis.

8.      Bloating

Gas stored during this phase is to be taken care of. Do not confuse bloating caused due to appendicitis with normal one. Storage of gas in your stomach accompanied with the pain in lower abdomen could take your breath away. You could have the feeling of uneasiness and discomfort every second if you are targeted by bloating.

9.     It can be seen on your face

Notice your face every morning and find the difference. Uneasiness caused due to pain and fever, also with all of the above symptoms could make you normal to red any time. Color of your face changes and it cannot be excluded as one of the symptoms of appendicitis in adults.