Is Asthma an Autoimmune Disease?

Is asthma an autoimmune disease? Asthma is a problematic condition of respiratory system. It is caused due to the infection in bronchial. Infection swells the respiratory tract narrowing down the passage of airflow. Coughing, wheezing and breathing problems are seen due the decrement of airflow. And thus results to asthma. Asthma could be allergic and non-allergic.

Our body is being protected from foreign bodies with the help of immune system. Sometimes, our own protector that holds back the invaders in our body will stand against ourselves. Our healthy cells are attacked. There will be malfunction in our body parts. This disturbing condition in immune system is commonly known as autoimmune disease. So, autoimmune disease mentions unusual activities of the immune system.

Is Asthma an Autoimmune Disease

Is Asthma an Autoimmune Disease?

Speaking of allergic and non-allergic asthma, allergic asthma is an autoimmune disease. Whereas non-allergic asthma is not. Allergic asthma secrets some kind of substance. This substance has potential to affect your own immune system reasoning to the serious condition and sometimes fatal as well. It is frequently asked that, “Is asthma an autoimmune disease?” The answer is definitely yes. Asthma, an allergic one, would be the reason for the worst condition countering against your own immune system.

Asthma and autoimmune disease are parallel to its effect. Almost same sort of features can be noticed in both diseases. You need to be aware about the effects of autoimmune disease. What happens if you have autoimmune disease? Given are some unusual conditions you will experience if you have autoimmune disease.

 10 disorders you’ll experience if you have autoimmune disease

  • Fatigue or feeling of tiredness
  • Unbearable condition in cold as well as hot environment
  • Affects different body organs, skin, joints
  • Muscle pain, joint pain, abdominal pain and weakness
  • Weight loss, hair loss and insomnia
  • Reddening and irritating sensation on skin along with white patches
  • Dry eyes and mouth also affecting kidney and lungs
  • Difficulty in concentration, numbness in hands or feet
  • Feeling of illness
  • Ruin the secretion of pancreatic juice

These will happen to you if you have autoimmune disease. What could be the cause for these problems?  Following are the some causes of the autoimmune disease.

Causes of autoimmune disease

What causes autoimmune disease? It’s a bit difficult to say that. Speaking of the precise reason of autoimmune disease, it is somewhat unfamiliar. Yet, there are many facts that might be responsible for prompting autoimmune disease. Concerning to the asthma, is asthma an autoimmune disease? Is asthma a major cause for autoimmune disease? We must be conscious about that. It is clear that asthma is an autoimmune disease. It is not the cause for any other types of autoimmune disease as it the disease itself.

Sometimes gene also play the role for causing the disease. You ought to be more cautious if anyone within your family member is affected by autoimmune disease. It may also be transmitted through the gene. However, it cannot be the assured cause for the disease. Some causes may be different including

  • Viruses or bacteria
  • Environment around you
  • Chemical present in the surrounding
  • Drugs and medications

Any of them could be the reason for autoimmune disease. The causes for the autoimmune disease is not necessary to be the one. Tracking down the actual reason for the disease is really very challenging.

How can you treat autoimmune disease?

With many difficulties, still you have some good news as well. Whatever may be the cause, autoimmune disease can be treated. But, in the case of autoimmune disease, treatment does not mean the medications only. It is not the way how the disease is cured. Conservative doctors prescribe medications only. They would not run tests for the main cause. And thus, treatment does not work out properly.

Autoimmune disease is vague. Finding out the specific autoimmune disease is very challenging one. Seeking functional medicine physician with your full history of family members, your dieting habits will help you to ease the condition.

Not the medication, you will need to change your lifestyle to treat autoimmune disease. Since your dietary plans have dynamic part in autoimmune disease, it should be focused. Whole grains, legumes should be avoided from the dieting plans. Lectins present in grains and legumes could be the reason for the disease.

Check out for the blood levels. Stool tests must also be acquired. These tests will help you to identify the infections caused due to the disease. Checking for bacteria, functional medication is preferred, if required. Medication only reliefs you from the symptoms seen due to the autoimmune disease. Neglecting the bacteria of the disease, your condition cannot be eased and treated.