How to Stop Coughing Fits

Coughing fits generally means a persistent cough for certain period of time. These can be a disturbing problem in your daily life and can be embarrassing as well. Especially when it happens in public places. How to stop coughing fits? The major causes for these are irritants, allergens, cold and respiratory tract infection so it can more likely be called as a symptom rather than a disease.

Coughing fits can really be frustrating and irritating when it happens and night and disturbs your sleep. Want a good night sleep? Want to know how to stop coughing fits? Some of the effective remedies and you are on your way home.

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How to Stop Coughing Fits

1. Stick to hot liquids

coughing fitsLiquids help to thin and flush out the mucus and get relief of cough. And always stick to hot liquids for extra advantage in stopping your coughing fits. Hot water is preferably best but any hot liquid will work – hot tea, hot milk and even hot chicken soup. Remember never to let your body get dehydrated. Supply extra fluid to the body.

2. Herbal tea can help

To stop coughing fits, grab a cup of hot tea before and after bed. Tea has natural elements that help in soothing your throat and get relieve you from coughing fits. Any hot liquid works but it is better to get non-caffeinated tea – herbal tea. For extra benefits, add ginger and a pinch of cinnamon in your tea. If you want to make your tea a magical potion for your coughing fits, add some honey.

3. Onion and honey

Honey has always been known for soothing the irritated tissues in the throat by coating it. Onion is also an effective remedy that brings up the phlegm and helps get relief of coughing fits. Dip some slices of onion in half cup of honey and leave it for 3 – 4 hours. Then, take a spoon every time you suffer from coughing fits.

4. Get a cup of milk with honey

A simple yet effective remedy to stop coughing fits is a cup of milk with honey. It lubricates the throat and helps to avoid coughing fits. Drink it before you go to sleep and never wake up at 2:00 in the morning.

5. Consider humidity on your side

If your cough is due to dry air, humidity is a key factor to stop it. Try your best to not make the atmosphere dry. Dry air irritates your throat which triggers coughing fit. Remain in moist atmosphere. Use humidifier to make the air in your room moist. Or you can take a hot shower so that you can breathe steam. Moist air helps you to loosen the mucus so that it is easy to remove.

Another excellent way to keep up with moisture is by taking steam. Taking steam moisturizes the respiratory tract and breaks down and dissolves mucus in lungs and throat.

6. Change your sleeping habit

The most effective trick to prevent coughing fits at night is by maintaining your sleeping inclination. The nasal drainage and mucus that’s filled up at the day time comes back to your throat and irritates your throat at night when you lay down. Maintaining your sleeping inclination not only helps these to stay down but also helps in acid reflux. So, raise the height of your pillow or put wooden blocks under your head to sleep inclined and help prevent the coughing fits.

7. Keep away from allergens

Cough and allergens, always deeply related. Allergens can be the major cause of your persistent cough. Sometimes, the major reason of your early cough can be something else but allergens may be the reason triggering it. And when it comes to allergens, smoking is the major one. Try to completely stop smoking to get rid of coughing fits. If not completely, lessen the frequency. The more you avoid cigarettes, the less you suffer.

Other allergens like dust, mold stored are also to be avoided to avoid this miserable life.

8. Let it out

how to stop coughing fits

To learn how to stop coughing fits, you need to learn to let the cough out. The more you let go, the more relief you experience. But try not to apply more pressure to let the cough out. Just let the process happen naturally. If you feel like coughing, cough. But do not hinder the process by forcefully coughing or you will feel the pain more intensely.

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