How to Stop Coughing at Night: Simple but Effective Tips

Coughing at night can be a real deal for the victims. How to stop coughing at night? Coughing actually can be a symptom of other fatal diseases. Cold, heartburn, asthma and infection in bronchitis are the common diseases which may have coughing as their symptom. Allergens and smoking are the two great reasons that you are coughing at night.

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Cough due to smoking usually is triggered during the morning but can also prove to be intense at night time.

How to stop coughing at night?how to stop coughing at night

1. Change your sleeping style

Not all the people who cough at night are smokers. You can stop coughing at night just by changing your sleeping habits. Keep your head above by adding more pillows or by adding wooden blocks under your bed to raise it. Doing this will keep acids down in the stomach and avoid postnasal drainage from going back to the throat. As a result, your throat won’t be irritated at night.

Try not to sleep on your back as it causes strain on breathing at night and causes coughing. Try the tennis ball trick. Put a tennis ball such that when you face your chest to the ceiling the ball hits your back.

2. Avoid allergies from sleeping environment

Persistent cough at night may also be due to substances in the sleeping environment that include dust, smoke, perfumes and other substances which may cause irritation in the throat.

The solution is to avoid these allergies from sleeping environment. Avoid dust mites in your bed sheets and pillows by frequently washing them. Do your best to keep your bedroom neat and clean.

3. Help yourself with honey

A teaspoonful of honey before bed is very much effective as honey is a natural remedy for an irritated throat. It contains antibacterial properties which help to fight bad bacteria. It also coats the mucous membrane of the throat and helps to lubricate dry throat.

4. Check the dryness

Dryness in the throat worsens night cough. Take a hot shower before bed to get relief. This does not apply for patients of asthma. Steam can also be great way to get rid of dry cough as it moistens the nasal passages. You can also use humidifier to moisten your sleeping room if it is dry. Moist air keeps your airways moist and reduces the chances of coughing.

5. Breathe through your nose while sleeping

If you know how to breathe through nose while sleeping, you would know how to stop coughing at night. Breathing through the mouth puts more stress on the throat and makes you cough. Try breathing from your nose especially before going to sleep so you do the same while sleeping. Practice breathing exercises and train yourself to breathe through the nose.

Additional tips on how to stop coughing at night

• A warm tea can definitely help to soothe cough at night. Take a warm cup of herbal tea before going to bed. Any sort of warm liquid can help. Make sure the liquid does not contain caffeine. A licorice root tea is very much effective to stop cough as it is a natural remedy for throat inflammation. It also soothes the airways and loosens mucus in throat.

• Blowing air is also a frequent cause to worsen your cough at night. Do not sleep in such a way that you get the air from fan and air conditioner blowing directly into your face. If you want air flowing through your bedroom, place the fan opposite to your bed or you can simply get air from ventilation.

• Give up smoking. Smoke can also prove to be an irritant to the throat. Strictly avoid second hand smoking.

• Watch your necessities. Keep everything you need at the night time like a glass of water, lozenge, cough medicine or anything that helps when you start coughing at night.

• Gargle with salt and water to clear throat and stop coughing at night. But be careful, do not swallow.

• Sleep when you feel sleepy and try breathing through your nose before sleeping.

• Practice breathing exercises if you can’t breathe through your nose.

• You can also suck lozenge to calm down the cough on your throat and get a good night sleep.