How to Prevent Arthritis | Arthritis Prevention

Majority of the people from the industrialized countries counter the problem of arthritis. Without actually knowing how it started, people become its target. The nature of arthritis being slow, you’ll have a hard time figuring out if the pain in your joints and muscles are the signs of arthritis. If you do not feel comfortable moving your joints around the knees, shoulders and elbows, you may be the target. Lets learn how to prevent arthritis in right way.

Mostly, swelling and aching of joints are the major symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis comes out in different forms. In some cases, organs other than the joints and muscles like eyes and skin are affected. Usually, people above the age of 50 are likely to suffer from arthritis. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common forms.

If you already have read the article on how arthritis feels like, you easily can figure out if you too are having the signs and symptoms. Prevention is always better than cure. Studies shows that majority of people who applied the preventive measures in the very early stage of arthritis never experienced the final stages. Below are some of the effective tips on how to prevent arthritis.

How to Prevent Arthritis | Effective Tips

how to prevent arthritis

Diet plays a very important role in preventing arthritis

You need to add some and you need to avoid some. Sugar, salt and fat are a clear no-no! You need to focus on the food rich in carbohydrates, calcium, protein and minerals. Eat fish! Fish contains omega-3 and helps reducing inflammation in the body. Drinking excess water does a lot to prevent your joint as well as muscle pain. Water contains some of the important minerals that help increase flexibility in your joints.

Take enough rest if you see any signs of arthritis

Never take risks in these cases. A slight sign of arthritis and you are ready to rest for a few weeks. Resting instantly causes less arthritis pain in your joints and muscles. However, resting also favors the long run prevention of arthritis. A deep sound sleep is also the key.

Weight loss can help in prevention of arthritis

Obesity triggers arthritis as there is much pressure in the joints (especially in the knees) because of your overweight. Try some of the weight loss formula in order to let your joints remain free of tension.

Take a good care of your joints

Your joints are the major target of arthritis. At some point, if your joints are cared well enough, arthritis can be prevented. Be aware while performing daily activities that involve your joints. Sitting or being isolated for longer periods of time can also cause intense pain and stiffness in joints. Make your back, neck and knees comfortable if you have to sit for a long time.


One of the best tips on how to prevent arthritis. Exercising can help to increase flexibility in your joints and muscles. Arthritis also causes tearing of joints and muscles. If you exercise, the muscles around the joints will become strong enough to protect the joints from tearing and swelling. Constant movement of muscles and joints in a proper manner can help in prevention of arthritis. Pilates and aerobics can be added in your exercise routine. Swimming also helps to increase flexibility around your joints and reduces the stress and stiffness in the joints.

Bad news for smokers

Smoking should be totally prohibited if your see the signs and symptoms of arthritis. Harmful chemicals like nicotine present in a cigarette can interfere in proper blood circulation in the body which causes the joints and muscles to swell. Do what you can. If you have to visit a rehab in order to fight the urge of smoking, do it. You need to keep in mind that smoking and arthritis have no match.

Visit your rheumatologist at any stage of this disease

There is nothing much to wait for before seeing your doctor. As soon as you feel the pain similar to an arthritis pain, you immediately need to visit your doctor. Various physiotherapies are available even at the early stages of arthritis. You are more likely to prevent arthritis if the disease is taken care at the very early stage. As arthritis develops and spreads in multiple joints, you will find yourself with fewer options.