How to Make Someone Stop Snoring

How to Make Someone Stop Snoring? Maybe it is the most annoying act in the whole universe. Someone you sleep with, snoring! Some of you guys out there might have the closest relationship with a tight nap. Well, I have. I know how it feels to consider those monstrous roars the whole night.

Coming to the point, snoring not only hinders the quality and quantity of your sleep but affects your lifestyle and activities the next day. Snoring simply is the unnatural and irritating sound some people unconsciously make during sleep. It usually takes place when you cannot freely breathe through your nose. The result of the vibration of respiratory tract due to the obstruction in air movement causes the unusual sound.

How to Make Someone Stop Snoring? Its not the easy job. You may be experiencing sleep deprivation because of someone’s snoring habit. Persistent disturbance in your sleep due to snoring can also cause serious health problems. Changing your sleeping destination is not what we target here. That’s how you get rid of the sound. Here, we want to try something more challenging. It takes hell of the effort to stop snoring or to make someone stop snoring. When we sleep, our mind is charged subconsciously because of which it makes us more difficult to control the habit. However, punching your snorer’s face is not the foolproof way to control his/her snore.

How to Make Someone Stop Snoring With These Foolproof Tips

how to make someone stop snoring

1. Make a suitable sleeping environment

If you are really working hard on how to make someone stop snoring then suitable sleeping environment is the most. You have to arrange a suitable sleeping environment for the person. Less the disturbance, less chances of bearing the snore. Make sure the environment you arrange is quiet and warm and is best suited to get a deep sleep. Let sufficient air in the room. Turn on the ventilations. This helps to breathe properly without any difficulties. Also, wearing comfortable and light clothes during bedtime might work.

2. Reduce allergens from bedroom

Try this and you may stop researching on how to make someone stop snoring. Snoring generally occurs due to the discomfort in breathing from different allergens. The allergens can be air dust, smoke, dust of furniture and carpets, pets, etc. Unhygienic bed sheets and curtains may also be the cause. So, cleanliness and proper hygiene has to be strictly maintained. Air purifier can help.

3. Encourage the person to lose weight

You can notice most of the obese people suffering from a snoring habit. Because of excessive fat muscles (especially in the throat), people tend to snore. Losing weight helps to lose fat in muscles, and make it easier to breathe smoothly and properly.

4. Make the person sleep sideways

Sleeping sideways can ultimately help to reduce the sound. Try encouraging the person or make them establish the habit of sleeping sideways. If you and your partner are having a tough time, you can always use the tennis ball trick. Take a tennis ball or a ball equal to its size and place it in such a way that when the person tries to sleep straight, the ball hits their back. So, when you turn, the tennis ball makes it uneasy to sleep with your chest facing the ceiling.

5. Inform them about smoking

Smoking and snoring seems to have a very healthy relation. When you smoke, the tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membranes and causes the throat muscles to swell. The process also causes difficulty in breathing. Result? The monstrous sound.

6. Make them aware of the effects of alcohol and beverages

Alcohol causes depression with the relaxation of throat muscles and blockage in airway which leads to uneasy breathing. So, better make your and specially their priorities clear.

7. Prefer light foods to heavy foods

Throat muscles are overwhelmingly relaxed due to intake of heavy foods. Try providing the snorer with light foods, especially before bed and notice how much you are your partner will experience a nice deep sleep.

8. Raise the pillow height

An important and immediate solution to control snoring. This can be done with the help of multiple pillows or by using inclined bed as in hospitals. Make yourself comfortable with what you already acquire. The centre point is to make a height difference in the spine and head while you sleep.

9. Forbid the person to use drugs and pills

Drugs including sleeping pills and other sedatives trigger the already triggered sound. So, avoiding drugs helps control snoring to some extent.

10. Make them stay hydrated

Being hydrated is also an effective way to stop snoring. The sticky mucus in the throat causes snoring habit in a person. Staying hydrated continues the flow of mucus and clears the throat. You will make someone stop snoring very soon if you make them drink a lot.