8 Ways to Get Rid of Heartburn while Pregnant

Pregnancy invites heartburn more than anything. It is common to most of the women out there and is totally normal but it can be painful to bear the burn for nine whole months. This article provides you the best solutions for how to get rid of heartburn while pregnant.

Hormonal transition and physical changes provokes heartburn the most during pregnancy. Progesterone increases during pregnancy which causes the esophageal sphincter separating the gullet and stomach to relax. The gastric acids thus pass to your gullet resulting in heartburn. See: 7-7 Diet Plan-Habits to Get Rid of Heartburn Naturally

How to Get Rid of Heartburn while Pregnant

Also, your growing womb causes more pressure in your stomach which results in acid being driven towards esophagus. This tension in your stomach also causes indigestion, also called dyspepsia during pregnancy.

The heartburn caused by hormonal displacement or the growth of fetus in womb is completely normal. However, heartburn caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits is a different story. In some cases, pregnancy has nothing to do with the heartburn whereas your lifestyle is something to be taken care of. You need to sum up some of the eating habits whereas cut off some to experience a normal pregnancy duration.

Symptoms given by heartburn While pregnant

Symptoms of a normal heartburn and that during pregnancy are somewhat similar. You can easily figure out the primary symptom i.e. the burn or uneasiness in the chest. However, other symptoms can vary with people. Below are some probable symptoms.

• Burping.
• Light fever.
• Bloating.
• Massive burning sensation.
• Nausea.

How to Get Rid of Heartburn while Pregnant?

A mild heartburn being totally normal and natural for most of the women during pregnancy, can be governed to some degree. Some effective preventive measures and remedies to get rid of heartburn while pregnant comprise of:-

1. Fluid intake

Consider some fluids into your diet as to replace solid regimens. Liquid foods easily move down to your stomach and you have nothing to worry about when digesting these types. Choose some of the liquid foods that contain enough of the carbohydrates, vitamins, protein and calories to replace your solid regimens and keep you going. Soup, milk and yoghurt can be tried out.

2. Coconut water

It is more of a natural remedy to get rid of the stomach acids. Scientifically proven, coconut water instantly neutralizes the acids in your stomach. With an instant relief, you will also experience your heartburn soften. Try drinking coconut water several times a day and let the time before bed be one of those.

3. Ginger tea

Ginger tea or simply ginger extract can help to flush out the toxins in your stomach. It also aids in gastrointestinal tract avoiding acid reflux.

4. Papaya

You must have heard papaya being good for your stomach. I will reveal something more interesting. It also helps the digestive system to break down the food you intake resulting in proper digestion. Which is good for your heartburn, right?

5. Aloe juice

How to get rid of heartburn while pregnant with aloe juice?  Aloe juice is here for you. A very effective remedy for heartburn as well as proper digestion. Extract aloe juice from aloe and mix it with water if necessary. Take a considerable amount of the mixture and drink several times a day. You can feel a cool sensation in your stomach as soon as you drink this magic formula. Helps to remove toxins causing heartburn, from your stomach.

6. Avoid foods that provokes

Your need to figure out the foods that trigger your heartburn and dispel them. Foods work differently against different individuals when it comes to heartburn. See:Foods that Help Heartburn: Intake and Prevent These Foods

However, some common examples contain fried and spicy foods, coffee, junk foods and other similar foods with higher percentage of fat. Do not forget to include alcohol beverages in your restricted list.

7. Cut off the amount of food you intake

Heavier meal is less likely to digest properly. Moreover, at the time of pregnancy, your abdomen is pressurized by the growing fetus and heavier meals worsen the situation causing acid reflux. Instead, eat light but more often if you cannot keep up with less food. For example if you have a habit of eating four meals a day, divide the four heavy meals into eight light meals with proper time difference.

8. Sleep right

Heartburn is usually triggered during night time or when you are at your deepest level of sleep. Not considering the way you sleep causes the fact. Your upper body part should be 6-8 inches higher than you lower. This weakens the chance of gastric acids to move up to your esophagus and avoids acid reflux. Sleeping in a right way can solve the for how to get rid of heartburn while pregnant.