How to Get Rid of Fat Under Chin

Nothing is as embarrassing as a double chin. Your facial architecture will be destroyed if you suffer from this problem. Double chin mostly is a result of excessive fat and aging. All of you might have tried wearing several high-necks or scarfs which hides your problem. But why not try something natural that avoids this complication for good. So, how to get rid of fat under chin?

First, you need to figure out why you have developed the fat under your chin. Not always, you are targeted by the natural phenomena. Even youngsters suffer from this problem. However, this does not mean that you cannot get rid of the fat if the cause is natural. Tips and tricks work the same for all. But these tips and tricks may vary with causes. The bottom line however, is that storage of excessive fat is the major cause of a double chin.


  • Excessive fat in your body might the major cause of a double chin. Most of the people who have a double chin have a large belly.
  • Aging can be another major cause. With time people tend to produce a double chin which can be really embarrassing.
  • Genetics can be the problem for some. You can never deny that your father or your uncle had a double chin if you can figure out no other causes.

how to get rid of fat under chin

Tips and tricks for how to get rid of fat under chin

Here is how to get rid of a double chin. With simple remedies, tips and tricks double chin will no longer be a problem.

1.      Cocoa butter

cocoa butterMassaging you neck with cocoa butter does a lot for fat loss. This remedy increases the elasticity of your skin which aids in getting rid of a double chin. Warm the cocoa butter and gently massage on your neck to increase the elasticity and to lose the excessive fat.


2.      Egg white

white eggEgg whites can really be helpful in tightening and thus, losing fat from your skin. You need to apply egg white mask to realize the effect. If mixed with honey, the mask has maximum effects. Extract egg white from an egg, mix a suitable amount of honey and lemon juice and whip the mixture. Apply the prepared mask under your chin or you can apply all over your face and leave for 20-30 minutes. Rinse after 30 minutes. Repeat until you get your desired chin.

3.      Green tea

green teaGreen tea is very much effective in losing your overall body fat. Antioxidants contained in green tea helps in increasing your metabolism rate and thus help in burning fat. However, only your chin is not targeted by green tea. Anyway, overall fat loss helps in getting rid of your double chin. Sip two cups daily for maximum effects.

4.      Vitamin A

You may have heard this. Also known as beauty vitamin, vitamin A is always effective for your face. Try and consume food rich in vitamin A. It helps you to tighten your skin and helps you get rid of the double chin.

5.      Chin exercises

Here is how to get rid of fat under chin very fast. This one remedy especially targets your chin as to get rid of the fat under chin. Exercising your neck, jaw, face will help losing fat from your under chin. Be familiar with some of the exercises below and you will know how to get rid of a double chin.

1.    Exercise 1

This exercise helps you to exercise the part below your jaw which may be very useful to you. Pout your lips as far as you can and stretch your neck skin. Hold on for 10 seconds and return to the normal position. This way you will exercise your neck muscles and get rid of the fat.

2.    Exercise 2

Look upwards towards the sky and pretend you are kissing somebody. Your upper neck muscles must be tensed with this process. Hold on for 5 seconds and return to the normal position and then repeat.

3.    Exercise 3

Stay still in a position and rotate your head clockwise and anti-clockwise slowly and smoothly. Perform 5-5 reps for each direction.

4.    Exercise 4

This exercise might be really helpful to make your neck muscles tensed and let you know how to get rid of fat under chin. Stick out your tongue and hold on for 5 seconds. If it is too tough for you, just hold for 3 seconds. Your second chin will be forced to lose fat with this procedure.