How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows

Having a dark knee as well as elbow can be quite embarrassing for those conscious on their appearance. Sometimes, you even tend to wear full sleeve just because of your embarrassing dark elbow and avoid wearing skirts and shorts just because of your dark embarrassing knees. So, how to get rid of dark elbows? The skin around the elbow area (also in knees) is much thicker and drier compared to skin in other parts. Also, there is absence of oil glands in these parts of the skin. Due to this, these areas can be folded and are much darker than other skin parts if not maintained properly. Due to absence of oil glands in these areas, the pollution, dirt and impurities get easily trapped and gets dark when the elbow is not clean. Dark elbow happens mostly when you sit with your elbow which supports dead skin cells buildup due to friction and rubbing.

Causes of Dark Elbows

  • Improper hygiene with less care in elbow areas.
  • Overexposure of skin in sunlight
  • Dead skin buildup
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Friction and rubbing in elbow area.

Remedies on How to Get Rid of Dark Elbows

how to get rid of dark elbows

1.      Lemon

lemonLemon contains anti – oxidant and bleaching properties that get you rid of dark skin, lightens your skin and also stops the building up of dead cells. It also supports the growth of cells after eliminating the dead cells. You can simply cut the lemon into two halves and apply the juice in dark elbows for 10 – 20 minutes. Drinking lemon juice can also help. You can also extract lemon juice from a lemon, add some honey and apply in your dark elbows for bright and moisturized skin.

2.      Baking soda

baking sodaBaking soda is a natural exfoliating agent and cleanser that help to lighten your skin tone and remove dead skin cells. All you need to do is make a paste of baking soda adding some milk in it and apply it in the dark elbow.


3.      Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera helps to keep your skin moisturized, hydrated and keeps your skin light. It is also a natural anti – oxidant. It is especially used for the dark elbows caused by sun burn as it repairs the damaged skin cells. Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel 2 – 3 times a day to get rid of dark elbows.

4.      Sugar

How to get rid of dark elbows using sugar? Sugar works as an exfoliating agent and helps greatly in getting rid of dark elbows. It works best when combined with olive oil.

5.      Coconut oil and Olive oil

Coconut oilCoconut oil is very effective remedy for dark elbows as it keeps the skin moist and hydrated and prevents it from getting dry. It also contains Vitamin E that lightens your skin tone. Plus, it is useful in repairing damaged skin cells. Massage with coconut oil in affected part for 2 – 3 minutes to get rid of dark elbows.

Olive oil works as a moisturizer to keep the skin nourished and smooth with even skin tone. Its natural bleaching property also softens and lightens the skin. Apply olive oil in the affected area before going to bed and leave it over night.

6.      Yogurt

YogurtYogurt prevents the dryness in your skin and keeps it even toned. It also moisturizes the skin in your elbows. Apply combinations of yoghurt with other remedies such as almond powder, honey, vinegar, gram flour for a smooth, rich and glowing skin. The paste also lightens your skin tone. Make sure you use unsweetened and fresh yoghurt for best results.

7.      Almond

almondHere is how you get rid of dark elbows with almonds. Almond, with its rich with nourishing property which keeps your skin smooth, healthy and glowing maintaining your even tone skin. Massage with almond oil or simply rub the paste powder almond in affected area to get rid of dark elbow.


8.      Honey and turmeric

Honey is a natural moisturizer and turmeric is famous for its antiseptic properties. The combination of these will help you get rid of dark elbows and give you smooth, nourished and healthy skin. Make a paste of honey and turmeric and massage in the affected part for at least 2 minutes. Then wash it off.

If you looking for perfect remedies without side effects for “how to get rid of dark elbows”, home remedies are always better than the chemical creams and lotions. If these home remedies do not work, use bleaching lotion. But I suggest not using such lotions unless you need to. Why use these artificial remedies when you can get rid of dark elbows with natural, homemade, cheaper, affordable and effective remedies.