7 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cough

how to get rid of coughWinter and cough, greatest match ever, isn’t it? Most probably you may be suffering from cough in winter accompanied by cold and flu. Common cold and similar irritations caused during winter invites cough with mucus and phlegm. Even if you are coughing during summer, the pain won’t be anything different.So, how to get rid of cough?

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Coughing usually is a symptom of other winter diseases like cold, flu, pneumonia and so on. But the same symptom can make your lifestyle miserable and can be very irritating. Every now and then when you cough, you may not feel your lungs and the whole process can be extremely painful.


As earlier said, cough usually is a symptom of other chronic and fatal diseases. Cause of a persistent cough may include:

1. Tuberculosis
2. Common cold
3. Acid reflux
4. Influenza
5. Pneumonia
7. Laryngitis
8. Croup
9. Bronchiectasis
10. Emphysema
11. Acute sinusitis

Before you work on how to get rid of cough, you may want to know the most possible causes of cough. Some of the above causes are crystal clear and are easier to figure out.

How to Get Rid of Cough: Natural Remedies

Early and light cough is easily curable. However, if the cough becomes persistent and is unbearable, it is not just a cough. You may be the victim of other mortal disease. Treating early cough means preventing the future disease.

1. Drink enough warm liquids

Best way to flush out the mucus stored? Drink warm liquids every hour. It may be winter time and you may not have a difficult time drinking hot liquids. Hot water or whatever you find flexible, drink it up. Warm soups like chicken soup, mushroom soup or vegetable soup can help too. Make sure the liquid is hot enough that you feel the warmth given by the liquid deep inside.

2. Mixture of honey and ginger

Best remedy to soothe and lubricate your throat and make you get rid of cough. Mix ginger extract and honey in the ratio of 1:2 and have it twice a day. You will find instant relief (especially of dry cough) along with long term benefits.

3. Vapor rub

Most probably, the cough may be accompanied by common cold and flu. A nice rub around your feet, chest, nose and neck areas can aid a lot in weakening the cough. Rub the targeted parts with a good vapor rub during night time to gain relief.

4. Peppermint

Peppermint leaves contain menthol that helps to open the blockage and loosen the mucus stored. Help yourself with a cup of tea mixed with peppermint leaves to get rid of cough. You can also mix peppermint leaves in hot water and steam your face. Cover yourself with a clean towel and take the steam from the mixture for at least half an hour to loosen the mucus.

5. Mixture of turmeric and ginger

Effective both for common cold and cough. This mixture is even effective for upset stomach which is sometimes caused due to persistent cough. Cut ginger into pieces and boil it with a teaspoonful of turmeric powder. An instant relief of irritation in your throat can be experienced with the mixture. You can add honey for maximum benefits.

6. Gargle with salt water

Gargling with salt water always is attached with anything related with throat. Not much of a cough remedy but gargling with salt water helps to get rid of irritated throat. With instant relief of irritation in your throat, you may feel that your throat is lubricated and you feel less dryness and itchiness in your throat. How to get rid of cough with salt water?  Mix a glass of warm water with a teaspoonful of salt and gargle twice every day.

7. Avoid irritants

Last but not the least. The major problem here is neglecting about what you need to prevent in the first place. Irritants can be another of the major cause of a persistent cough. For smokers, irritant probably is the number of puffs they intake every day. Smoking is what you need to avoid in the form of irritant to get rid of cough. The cough you are experiencing may be a smoker’s cough or the cough may be the symptom of common cold. However, even if it is the symptom of a common cold, smoking triggers any type of cough very very effectively.