How To Get Rid Of a Persistent Cough: Home Remedies

Cough normally and usually lasts for 3-4 weeks depending on the reason and intensity. But if the duration is longer, the cough is no longer normal. Persistent cough can last for 8-9 weeks and can get stronger with time. Later we discuss on how to get rid of a persistent cough.

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Persistent or chronic cough not being normal, is common to most of the people. Most of the people i.e. (20-25) % of victims become the target of chronic cough.

Causes Of Persistent Cough

get rid of persistent cough

To figure out how to get rid of a persistent cough, you need to know the major cause of this chronic cough. Usually, normal cough that needed to last for 3 weeks leads to a persistent cough because of several irritants and similar infections. As you figure out the cause and try to prevent it, you will surely get rid of a persistent cough.

The major cause of a persistent cough is carelessness of the early cough you experience because of infections, flu and common cold.

Other causes include asthma, pneumonia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, postnasal drip. Usually chronic cough is the side effect of these major diseases. These diseases cause various infections in the respiratory tract which triggers the cough and makes it last longer.

Irritant like smoking also has a negative effect on your normal cough. The early cough you experience is to last for 3 weeks or shorter but the irritants you create makes it a chronic cough. Figuring out and avoiding irritants like these including dust and dirt can be the most effective remedy you apply.

How to Get Rid Of a Persistent Cough | Natural Remedies

how to get rid of a persistent cough

1. Honey

Honey always is the best remedy for any type of cough. Most probably if you are experiencing a persistent cough, you will be experiencing a dry cough. Honey helps to lubricate and soothe your throat and helps to relieve you from long term coughs. With its anti-bacterial properties, honey prevents the intensity and duration of cough you suffer from.

2. Gargle warm salt water

To avoid irritation and infection in your throat, warm salt water is the best mixture. With an instant relief, gargling with warm salt water also helps you to prevent your cough from lasting long. Usually, irritation in the throat and respiratory tract is what triggers your normal cough to become a persistent cough. Avoid the irritation with this effective remedy and you will avoid a chronic cough.

3. Hot fluids

So, you haven’t had enough of the hot liquids yet? The answer will probably be a NO if you are a long term sufferer. Warm liquids always have a positive effect on preventing coughs. You will never experience a cough lasting longer than 2-3 weeks if you intake required warm fluids like chicken soup, mushroom soup or even warm water.

4. Licorice tea

Licorice root tea helps in thinning the mucus stored and let it out of your respiratory tract and lungs. Irritations in your throat are also cured to some extent with this magical potion or let’s say tea. Boil some licorice root in suitable amount of water (a cup) and have it twice a day to get rid of a persistent cough.

5. Use vapor rub for early benefits

To treat your cough early and prevent it from being chronic, try rubbing areas like neck, feet, chest and nose with a good vapor rub. It can be really very effective in loosening and thinning the mucus and let it out and help to get rid of a persistent cough. Apply some especially in your chest and feet during night time.

6. Steam

Steam is always an option for cough. Again, for loosening the mucus, steam is important. Steam twice a day and let not the mucus to be stored in your respiratory tract. For maximum benefits, add vapor rub or peppermint. Peppermint contains menthol that is beneficial to clear out the mucus.

7. Irritants

How to get rid of a persistent cough? Irritants again! The major cause of a persistent cough. Avoid irritants and even if you experience a cough, it won’t last long. As earlier said, the early cough you experience that had to last for 3 weeks lasts for 8-9 weeks because of these irritants.

Sometimes you get the mixture of a smoker’s cough and a persistent cough which makes your life a hell. Decrease the amount of puffs you intake and decrease the duration and intensity of the cough you experience.