How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough: Home Remedies

What can be more annoying than a persistent dry cough? How to get rid of a dry cough? A dry cough is totally different from a normal cough. In this type of cough, mucus or phlegm is not produced or to be more distinct, is less in comparison with a normal cough.

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Dry cough mainly is a result of allergic problems like flu, cough and other infections. It may also get triggered by allergens like dust, cigarette smoke and dry air. The victim senses random tickle in the throat which is painful as well. Along with the disturbing sound of the cough… urghh… Not only the sufferer but it is also annoying for other people around. Now! You may be wandering how to get rid of a dry cough. With simple remedies, dry cough is not a big deal.


The most common causes of dry cough include infections like common cold and flu like influenza. Sometimes, these viral infections result in normal cough or whooping cough. Other causes of dry cough may be irritants, fever and change in weather. Dry cough can also be the symptom of various other diseases.

How to Get Rid of a Dry Cough: Home Remedies

how to get rid of a dry cough

Dry cough can sometimes be persistent. When these two conditions are mixed, you will experience the most miserable life for a few days or even weeks. Saying so, I don’t mean there is no any effective remedy to cure dry cough. With proper remedies and life style, it can not only be improved but permanently cured.

1. Gargle with warm salt water

The most important remedy for dry cough. The only thing you need to do during dry cough is to try to lubricate and soothe your throat. Gargling with warm salt water lubricates your throat and gives you instant relief and improves your cough.

Mucus or phlegm cannot be seen during dry cough but they can be present inside. Gargle and you will force the mucus to flow out.

2. Honey

Another important remedy to lubricate and coat the mucous membranes. Honey is always related with any type of cough. Dry cough is not an exception. The antibacterial properties in honey help you to get rid of dry cough in no time. Take a spoonful of honey twice a day to get results.

3. Mixture of ginger and turmeric

This mixture is always an effective remedy to relax your irritated throat. Ginger extract helps to clean your lungs and expel out the phlegm and mucus stored. Furthermore, the mixture of boiled water, ginger extract and turmeric helps to relieve your irritated throat and painful lungs and gets you out of trouble.

4. Steam

Steaming can be the most genuine method if you want to loosen the mucus stored in your lungs. Adding vapor rub to the boiled water can be more effective. Along with dry cough, this remedy is effective to cure common cold and flu. Cover your face with a clean towel and inhale the steam for 20-30 minutes. Try it just before your sleep and notice the relief till the morning.

5. Thyme

Some people may suffer from respiratory problems along with dry cough. Thyme is very much effective to cure problems occurred related to respiration. Flavonoids contained in thyme leaves are used to relax the throat muscles and loosed mucus membranes. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that help you to get rid of dry cough.

6. Onion

Onion juice is believed to have properties that help you to stop coughing. Mix onion juice with honey in equal ratio to improve taste and effectiveness and drink once a day.

Additional Tips

– How to get rid of a dry cough? Always stay hydrated. It is the key. As the dry cough is a result of dryness in your throat, make sure your throat is always moist. Drinking water not only keeps the throat moist but flushes out the viruses inside the throat and makes mucus thinner.

– If you want to treat your dry cough, humidity is always on your side. Make sure your room has no dry air. Use humidifier (especially during the night time) as your throat gets dry. You can also take a hot water bath or shower to keep your throat moist. Soothe your throat by simply boiling a pot of water and inhaling the steam.