How to Cure Dandruff With Home Remedies

So its winter and you don’t want to see your head black and white. For some, dandruff may hunt even during summer. How to cure dandruff?  What dandruff actually is? White little powder like materials seen on your hair might be dandruff. Majority of the other problems like itchiness in your scalp or dry scalp may look like dandruffs. Treatment given to dandruff may not be so effective if you have other scalp problems.

Causes may not always be specific. Most of the people experience dandruff during winter, which can be considered as the major cause. Lack of personal care, especially of hair can be another of the major causes. Going deeper, fungus is considered as the most common cause.

How to Cure Dandruff with Home Remedies?

how to cure dandruff

1.      Neem leaves

NeemKnow the advantages of neem leaves and you will know how to cure dandruff. It contains anti-fungal properties that aid in relieving the itchiness given by dandruff or winter. Dip some neem leaves in water and crush it to make a paste. Apply sufficient amount of paste to your scalp and let it for an hour or so. Wash thoroughly and get rid of dandruff.

2.      Lemons

Lemons are another great natural remedy for your dandruff. Acids contained in lemons help in eliminating fungus that causes dandruff. Use lemon while you bathe. This time when you are ready for a shower, fill the bucket instead and use mug to pour the water into you. Squeeze fresh lemon juice into the bucket and wash your hair thoroughly.

3.      Aloe vera

Aloe VeraYou didn’t know about the anti-fungal properties of aloe vera? Well as a dandruff victim you better know how aloe kills fungus. Aloe, one of the best dandruff home remedies also helps in preventing scalp itching and irritation caused.

Extract aloe gel from aloe vera and gently massage or apply to your scalp to get rid of dandruff. Massage for 10 minutes and let it stay for 30 minutes to make your dandruff go away.

4.      Coconut oil

Here is how to cure dandruff. Coconut oil with its soothing properties helps prevent the itchiness caused in your scalp and thus makes you free from dandruff. Apply coconut oil at night and let it be. Shower early in the morning the next day and get rid of the itchiness.

5.      Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegarVinegar or more commonly apple cider vinegar can be considered as one of the most effective dandruff home remedies. Apple cider vinegar helps in revitalizing or getting rid of the dead cells or skin that later on develops into dandruff. Mix apple cider vinegar into a lukewarm bucket of water and rinse thoroughly.

6.      Baking soda

Helps in getting rid of the fungi that causes dandruff. Make a paste of baking soda with water or you can apply dry baking soda into your scalp to prevent and abate the excessive fungi. You won’t feel your hair like before for a few days after you apply baking soda but the wait will be worth it.

7.      Mustard oil

Mustard-oilBeing used for ages, mustard oil also contains soothing properties that helps in getting rid of the dandruff and aids your scalp to generate new oils. Mustard oil not only helps in curing dandruff but prevents dandruff in the long run. Apply mustard oil thoroughly on your hair and your scalp and leave for 10-12 hours until you rinse with lukewarm water.

8.      Aspirin

Sounds strange but do works for dandruff. Other than its headache curing property, aspirin also aids in curing dandruff. Crush aspirin tablets and mix with any of the above remedy to rinse your scalp. Salicylic acid contained in aspirin helps in reducing fungus and other bacteria causing dandruff.

9.      Maintain your diet

Improper diet plan can sometimes be the cause of excessive dandruff which no other remedy can fully cure. Preparing and following your diet plan has a lot to do with many of the common problems you face. Not getting enough of the vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, can give you dandruff as the side effects. Provide yourself with vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates and essential nutrients that help in keeping you healthy.

10. Choose your shampoo

You can’t always use the above remedies to rinse your hair, neither it is possible. Several branded shampoos can sometimes not be so much effective for you. To know how to cure dandruff, you need to know what suits best for you. Also, try changing the shampoo you use every 3 months.