How do You Know if You Have Asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory problem usually occurs due to the inflammation of bronchial tubes but how do you know if you have asthma? Normally, people experience symptoms like coughing, wheezing, tight feeling in chest and allergies as well. These symptoms simply points to the asthma. Are these symptoms enough to find out whether you have asthma or not? It’s a no. Some people will not experience in the same way.

Symptoms for asthma attack can be mild to severe. Mild attacks are common. Mild asthma attacks might cause during exercise or due to the cold. Sometimes mild asthma attack tends to last longer. Well, in this case, immediate treatment is required. Seeking medical treatment at prior will keep asthma under control. But how do you know if you have asthma? Here are some signs and symptoms that will help you to know about it.

how do you know if you have asthma

How Do You Know if You Have Asthma? Symptoms

1.      Early signs and symptoms

Early signs and symptoms of asthma are those that will notify you about the very beginning of the asthma attack. Early signs and symptoms symbolize the changes that take place prior to the asthma attack. These signs and symptoms includes

  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Allergies and cold
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Shortening of breath
  • Cough, especially during night
  • Problem in proper functioning of lung
  • And somewhat insomnia as well

These types of signs and symptoms are seen before the worsening of asthma. Knowing these signs, it would be easy to know if you have asthma attack. Underestimating these symptoms may put you in very difficult situation. Seeking medication would be better after knowing these symptoms.

2.      Symptoms of asthma attack

Unlike early signs and symptoms, the given symptoms are more actual to know about the asthma attack.

  • Speed breathing
  • Severe wheezing while breathing
  • Tightening of neck and chest muscle, thus resulting chest pain
  • Uncontrollable cough
  • Problematic condition while talking
  • Face turning pale

These warning could be worse if neglected. Severity intensifies rapidly. These are the certain symptoms that almost every person with asthma attack experience. That’s why, you need to be more conscious about these symptoms. Those were the clear cut symptoms that will help you to get straight answer on how do you know if you have asthma?

Only recognizing asthma attack is not well enough. Immediate treatment is required. Visiting a doctor, prescribed medication procedure should be practiced. Proper preventive measure must be adopted in order to remain protected from asthma attack.

3.      Unusual asthma symptoms

Each and every individuals are identified separately. The symptoms seen on one is not necessary to be seen on another. All individuals are not supposed to be seen with the same symptoms. It is better to say that sometime unusual symptoms are seen. But that implies the same; asthma attack.

  • Feeling of anxiety and panicking
  • Chronic cough
  • Heavy and fast breathing
  • Fatigue and incompetence of physical work
  • Sleepless night
  • Sometimes bronchitis and other respiratory disease

Remain conscious, all people may not have same signs and symptoms. Sometimes, unusual signs and symptoms are seen. These are the warnings might help you to know about your health; concerning about asthma.

4.      Seeking a doctor

Above given are the common signs and symptoms that makes us easy to know about the occurrence of asthma. Yet, if an individual is not capable (especially children) of distinguishing the signs and symptoms, it would be challenging to know about asthma. Seeking a doctor in this type of case would be appropriate. Treating in time would help you to know the existence of asthma.

Following steps as instructed by the doctor will help to know if you have asthma. Referring to doctor doesn’t mean that it is a panicking condition. Doctor will run few tests on you.

  • A Peak Flow Test

A Peak Flow Test measures the capacity of air blowing out. It uses some special kind of tube to check. You need to blow hard and fast. If you cannot, you may have asthma. Blowing same amount of air for about 2-3 time will give you more accurate result. This is the simple test that will help you find out whether you have asthma or not.


  • A Spirometry Test

A Spirometry Test measures the amount of air blown per second. The amount of air blow increases if your lungs can fit more air. Lesser amounts of air in your lungs, lesser will be the air blow and higher will be the chance of asthma attack. Device called Spirometry is used to run this test. How do you know if you have asthma? These tests will surely help you to know.

If your breathing problem minimizes after using medication, you’ll know you have asthma. Proper advice from doctor and proper medication will help you to take control over asthma.