Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

Yeast infection, also known as vulvovaginal candidiasis is one of the most common types of infection and mostly occurs in vaginal area. Yeast lives in the vaginal area of the body. Sometimes the infection also reaches to dentures, skin folds and lower abdomen. This type of infection can also invite vaginitis where you suffer from pain and burning sensation in your vagina. The symptoms of yeast infection include itching in vaginal area, odor during urinal discharge, redness and swelling in upper thigh and burning sensation. However you can find home remedy for yeast infection at your own kitchen.

There are no specific causes but risks to catch a yeast infection such as pregnancy, stress, diabetes, antibiotics and oral contraceptives. Home remedy for yeast infection can be very effective and work almost every time. When the infection is caused by other organisms, you may need medications with prescriptions.

Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

home remedy for yeast infection

1.     Yoghurt and the “good bacteria”

YogurtWhen it comes to bacterial infection, yoghurt is always helpful as it contains good bacteria that fights off the bad bacteria (harmful and disease causing such as Candida). Eating a full cup of yoghurt may help you a lot to keep the infection in check. Applying yoghurt directly in the vagina can also be helpful.


2.     Make unfavorable conditions for yeast

Yeast mostly live in the vaginal area and favor moist and warm conditions as they grow in such conditions and make you suffer more. So, you need make the situations unfavorable. When you shower, you need to make sure that you dry your vaginal area immediately. Wearing cotton underwear also helps in reducing the yeast infection as it lets your vagina to breath; yeast grow in less or no oxygen. Wear loose pants and stay dry as much as possible. This will be enough for avoiding the increasing infection.

3.     Tea tree oil

tea tree oilAnother helpful home remedy for yeast infection is tea tree oil which has anti – fungal properties. This property of tea tree oil makes unsuitable conditions for the yeast to grow and develop. Applying few drops of tea tree oil in the vaginal area can be very effective to get rid of yeast infection.


4.     Boric acid

Boric AcidBoric acid is a wonderful home remedy for yeast infection (not recommended to pregnant women.) Many studies and research has found it effective and many people swear on it. It is a natural anti – fungal and antiseptic that stops the growth of yeast and helps in treating yeast infection. Watch out for boric acid capsules, do not depend on powder form or else they may cause irritation. Boric acid supplements can also help a lot.

5.     Maintain a good hygiene

Yeast grows in dirty environment and as yeast live in vaginal area; they can also cause irritation and increase infection in the opening of your vagina. Frequent bathing or showering can help wash away the yeast, reduce irritation and get you instant relief. Yeast infection can be passed from the victim to others, especially to the sexual partner and to those who use common clothes, water and towels with the sufferers. You should check those habits and try to avoid those as much as possible.

6.     Use rosemary

rosemaryRosemary is a natural relevant for itching and burning. When you want to get relief from yeast infection which includes itching and burning, you can try rosemary tea. Applying rosemary tea directly into the affected area can also get you relief and reduce the infection.


7.     Garlic

GarlicGarlic is a very effective home remedy for yeast infection as it has anti – fungal properties that help in reducing the infection. Take it as you wish; choose your way of taking the garlic. Chew garlic cloves (if you can), add in tea or take it with salad.


8.     Stop the spread of infection

You need to remember that the more you let the infection grow, the more problem you get. Brush your teeth after every meal and wash your hands with soap and water after meal, bath and other times when you feel like you need to. Avoid toothpaste and soaps which you think is too harsh, especially the commercial ones. The alcohol and other chemicals in them increases irritation for sure, plus they also imbalance the level of pH in the vagina.