Home Remedies Vaginal Itching

Vaginal Itching, most common in women, can be really annoying, unpleasant and uncomfortable. The common cause of vaginal itching includes bacterial infection, yeast infection, menopause, sexually transmitted disease, multiple sex partners and chemical allergens and irritants. Once in a life time every women experiences the vaginal or genital itching. Don’t worry, there are many home remedies for vaginal itching are available.

Home remedies for vaginal itchingItching and irritation with burning sensation in vagina or the areas around the vagina can be some of its symptoms. It can also be accompanied by redness and swelling in and around the vagina. Frequent urination and foul odor can also be common during this phase.
Vaginal itching does not only occur to specific aged women but may target women of any age group. Although it is not anything that can be really very serious, why to bear these uncomfortable itching in such sensitive parts of body when you can easily treat it with some home remedies.

8 Effective Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching

1. Yoghurt

YogurtYoghurt is a very effective home remedy for vaginal itching as it contains good bacteria that fights the bad ones. Yoghurt also helps in maintaining the pH level in your vagina. It comforts you by stopping the burning and itching sensation. Use plain and unsweetened yoghurt. Applying yogurt in your affected areas of vagina for 1 -2 hours gets you relieved while eating it also does no harm but promotes the growth of good bacteria.


2. Honey for vaginal itching

HoneyHoney is another effective home remedy for vaginal itching as it contains anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties that fights with the germs causing infection in your vagina. For getting rid of itchiness, honey is proven to be a very good alternative. Apply honey in your infected areas and leave it for half an hour or so. Add a tablespoonful of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it for more effectiveness.

3. Garlic

GarlicYeast infection is the excessive growth of yeast in your vagina, which disturbs the natural functioning of your vagina. The anti – fungal properties in garlic help control the bad bacteria in your vagina and also help you recovering fast. It protects the vagina from various infections. Primarily, garlic can be effective in this case when eaten. Chew few garlic cloves daily or have it cooked. Garlic paste in the affected areas can also be helpful. Otherwise, apply a paste of garlic oil in the affected area.

4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegarOne of the most effective home remedies for vaginal itching is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar increases the vaginal acidity that makes bad bacteria difficult to survive and maintains suitable environment for the good bacteria to live in. Hence, it is very much effective to get rid of the disease.

Just add a cup of apple cider vinegar in your bath water resting in it for 10 – 20 minutes. Drinking the mixture of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water can help in the similar manner to get rid of vaginal itching.

5. Apply Neem

NeemNeem, also known as Indian lilac is a very useful home remedy having natural anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties that kills the germs and protects you from whatever is causing infection in your vagina. It also stops the pain, inflammation and itchiness in the infected area. Making a neem paste with water and applying it in the triggered part is a great way to treat the itching sensation in the vagina.

6. Use Boric acid

Boric Acid
Boric acid frees you out of the itching sensation, all credits to its antiseptic and anti – fungal properties. Apply the solution of boric acid and water in the affected area for 2 -3 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water. One of the very effective home remedies for vaginal itching.

7. Get a glass of Cranberry juice

Cranberry JuiceA glass of cranberry juice is also very helpful to treat vaginal itching, just make sure it is non – sugary. Cranberry juice increases acidic level in the vagina that makes it difficult for harmful organisms to survive.


8. Give it a cold compress

Cold CompressFor instant relief to a vaginal itching, applying cold compress is a surefire shot. Due to the coldness, itchiness and inflammation won’t last long. Make sure you don’t use the ice directly. Wrap it in a cloth to avoid feeling cold just after a few seconds. Improving your personal hygiene improves the conditions and helps you to get rid of inflammation sooner. Keep away from irritants and allergens to prevent vaginal itching from being further triggered. It is easily available among the home remedies for vaginal itching and works good.