Home Remedies for Toothache: Relieve Your Pain Instantly

Toothaches are very common, which are related to unbearable and uncomfortable pain in your tooth including the gum and in or around the jaw. Toothache can look normal but is a serious problem for those who experience. Mild toothaches are easily treatable though they are annoying. But once you catch a severe toothache, your will never want another toothache, not even a mild one. Home remedies for toothache may make your wish come true, if applied properly.

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The central region of your tooth, pulp, is very sensitive. It can easily get irritated and inflamed due to various reasons which results in toothache. One of the most common causes for toothache is cavity. When you have a cavity in your tooth, the bacteria that comes from sugary and starchy foods start attacking the gums by releasing acids that harm your teeth as well as the nerves. Other specific causes which damage the pulp can be infection in tooth, gum disease, cracked tooth, an abscessed tooth and open tooth root. The severity of the toothache depends upon the damage in the pulp; the more irritated your pulp gets, the more painful your toothache.

Home Remedies for Toothache

home remedies for toothache

Toothaches can cause more problems than you think they can. Home remedies for toothache may help.

1.      Get help from clove oil

Clove oil is an excellent home remedy for toothache. It helps to fight off the bacteria as clove contains anti – bacterial, anti – inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also contains chemical called eugenol with anesthetic properties that fights infection. Clove oil not only keeps the bacteria out of your reach but also gives you relief of the pain by keeping your bad tooth numb.

If you are using clove oil, apply 2 – 3 drops of it directly in the bad tooth with the help of a cotton slab. Place the cotton in such a way that it comes in contact with the bad tooth and bite it gently to keep it still. Make sure you don’t use it during the night time. Using a whole clove also does no harm unless your tooth does not ache when you bite it. Put the clove in your mouth for some time and then to the bad tooth for at least half an hour so that the oil is released.

2.      Use garlic

GarlicGarlic is very effective way to get rid of the toothache as it has anti – oxidant, anti – inflammatory and antibiotic properties which helps you in getting relief of pain and inflammation. It also helps to reduce swelling caused by toothache. Applying garlic paste or simply crushed garlic in your bad tooth can make you feel a lot better.

3.      Onion


Onion, another of the most useful home remedies for toothache gets you relief of swelling, inflammation and pain in your tooth. Also, thanks to its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that fights the germs reducing infection. Chew a slice of onion to get rid of the pain or to reduce the pain to some extent. For ease, place a small piece of onion directly on your bad teeth.

4.      Choose your beverages

If you want to get rid of toothache, you’ve got to know what to add and what to remove from your beverages list. Always go for warm water in case of a toothache. Rinsing your mouth with a spoonful of salt in a glass of warm water can be useful to reduce the bacterial infection along with swelling and inflammation.

Tea can also help in reduce swelling and provide instant relief; just remember to serve it hot. Peppermint tea is strongly recommended as it can numb your teeth giving you relief from the pain.

 5.      Apply cold compress

Cold Compress

If you feel swelling and inflammation in gums and want to get an instant relief, give it a cold compress. Applying the ice on affected parts numbs the nerves which stops the pain in your tooth temporarily. But, do not apply the ice directly, wrap it in a cloth and apply in your affected tooth or in your cheek.


6.      Using pepper with salt

salt and pepper

Pepper and salt together can make a great combination as for one of the home remedies for toothache as they contain anti – bacterial, anti – inflammatory and analgesic properties. Take some salt with same amount of pepper and make a paste by adding some water and you are ready to apply the paste in your bad tooth.