Headache During Pregnancy | Causes and Remedies

Being pregnant is not just keeping baby in your womb for 9 months. A mother will face a lot of difficulties, lot of aches and pains including one of the most common problems i.e. headaches. Not much to worry about but headache during pregnancy really is miserable and a big discomfort. You may face headache from mild situation to a worse one. The headaches during early pregnancy are most common and difficult for a first time pregnant woman. It can also be common to the third trimester.

What Causes The Headache During Pregnancy?

headache during pregnancy
During the first time of pregnancy, your body experiences the rise in hormones and volume of blood. These sudden changes can be the most probable cause of the headache. Adjusting with these changes is really a difficult job. Tension headaches are also one of the most common ones during pregnancy. Besides that, other causes can be poor posture, emotional stress, pregnancy fatigue, migraine, increasing hunger, lack of sleep and dehydration.
The most common causes of headaches for third trimester can be stress, tension, poor posture and high/low blood pressure.

What To Do?

1. Control stress

The most common cause of headache is stress. It may be the work load or family pressure or anything that keeps you in stress. Try controlling the stress. Participate in creative activities to freshen your mind. Use relaxation techniques such as yoga and breathing exercises. Yoga is very useful to keep your mind calm, relaxed and focused. Meditation can be very useful. A cool fresh air can also provide a lot of relief. So, enjoy outdoors in the fresh air rather than spending time in hot and stuffy places.

2. Correct your posture

Posture is also a major cause for headache. Uncomfortable and poor posture can trigger your pain, especially during pregnancy. Watch your posture while walking, standing, sitting and even while sleeping. Do not slump or bend over. Try and see the result.

3. Get plenty of rest

Rest is a very effective way to get relief from your headache during pregnancy. Try relaxing most of the time. Do not give burden to your body. Perform exercise but don’t go too hard on it. Keep it light. Find a place which is silent, cool and dark place to relax. Sleep timely but do not over-sleep, it may also cause an ache. 7 – 8 hours are enough and helpful for your headache.

4. Stay hydrated

Take it as a rule, never get dehydrated. Drink enough water and fluids to replenish yourself. Getting just a little dehydrated can get you a severe headache and may also cause fatigue and make you less attentive. So, sip water time to time. Also, avoid alcohol, drugs and caffeine as it supports your headache. Limit the amount of coffee.

5. Check your diet

In order to stay healthy and get relief from headaches during early pregnancy, balanced diet is a must. And one important thing – keep eating. You must not get hungry. Eat less but keep eating from time to time. Make your eating schedule. Take snacks from time to time. Grab something healthy that works both for your pregnancy and makes you occupied.

6. Avoid possible triggers

Avoiding the foods that trigger your headache during pregnancy is a vital part. Such foods include chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, yoghurt, peanuts, processed meat, cheese, buttermilk, sour cream, breads, bacons and certain fruits like papayas, bananas, etc.

7. Hot and cold compress

Giving a hot compress and a cold compress can help your headache. If you have a sinus headache then you can soothe your pain with heat by compressing in the neck, eyes and the nose area. The tensed muscle in your neck gets relaxed by the heat. Giving a cold compress in your neck can also get relief from the headache caused by tension and stress. Massaging your triggered part can also help to relieve the pain.

When To See a Doctor?

Headaches during early pregnancy are common and normal. You don’t need to consult a doctor for minor aches. But if you have a bad ache even if you are in a second or third trimester, you must seek medical help. Consult with your doctor immediately in worse situations like a painful ache accompanied by blurry vision, nausea, fever, stiff neck, upper abdominal pain, sudden weight gain and swelling hands and face.