Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

Cold sores are the small lumps that arise in or around your lips. They are the cause of herpes virus which almost does not have any cure. Cold sores are self – curable if left alone, but takes time, generally 2 week or so and sometimes can last up to several weeks. Cold sore not only is painful but very annoying, especially when it pops on your lips and breaks down. Sometime, it may multiply and become bigger and irritating, become something more than just a cold sore. In such severe cases, medical assistance could be necessary. Fortunately you can get rid of cold sores fast with home remedies and prevent it as well.

9 Effective Remedies to Get Rid of Cold Sores Fast

get rid of cold sores fast

1.     Use vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is a very effective remedy for cold sore most people depend on.  As vanilla is alcohol based and has anti – infection properties, it makes the survival of viruses difficult and either wipes them out or reduces the damage done by them. Also, it reduces the pain and inflammation caused by cold sores. If you’re thinking of using the vanilla extract to get rid of cold sore, first thing you need to do is discover a fresh, pure vanilla. Apply the vanilla extract directly in your cold sore with the help of cotton. For more effectiveness, you really need to use fresh and pure vanilla.

2.     Give it a cold compress

If you have the fluid filled cold sores popped up on your skin, you must be in a hard time facing the pain and inflammation caused by them. What you can do is apply an ice pack in the affected area to numb the pain and also to reduce itchiness in that area.

3.     Get some Aloe Vera

When it comes to problems related to skin, aloe Vera can never be left behind. Aloe Vera is always known for its anti – bacterial, anti – inflammation and anti – irritation properties. Use a fresh Aloe Vera and extract its gel. Apply the gel directly on to your cold sore. If you cannot get fresh Aloe Vera plant, Aloe Vera gels sold in stores does no harm.

4.     Apply tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is supposed to work as a miracle for cold sores as it helps to get rid of cold sores fast. In some cases, two days or so is enough for tea tree oil to cure cold sores. Lot of people finding it hard to get rid of cold sores and complaining a lot about it, tried tea tree oil reported that it worked miraculously.

If you want your cold sore to go away faster, tea tree oil is something you need to try. Its antiviral, antiseptic and antibiotic properties help in stopping the spreading of virus and boosting up the healing process. All you need to do mix equal amounts of water and tea tree oil and apply it on the affected area.

5.     Prevent UV rays

UV rays of the sun can help in bursting your cold sores and make it worse. So, you will need to avoid it as much as possible. You can also use sunscreen and lip balm to protect your skin from the sun.

6.     Eat vitamin C rich foods

Vitamin C helps boost up your immune system and fight with the virus that is causing the infection. Add as much vitamin C rich foods as you can in your diet plan. Tomatoes, broccoli, lemons, spinach are some of the vitamin C rich foods.

7.     Go hard on Vitamin E

Vitamin E gets you rid of irritation and pain caused by cold sores. Add more foods containing Vitamin E in your diets such as grain, nuts and green vegetables.

8.     Put on some peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is very effective to get rid of cold sores fast. It has properties that not only stops spreading of virus but kills them from an erupted cold sore. It also gets the healing process faster and keeps the pain out of sight. Apply peppermint oil with some water with the help of container directly on the cold sore to get rid of it. Peppermint toothpaste can also help.

9.     Wash it off

The first rule to get rid of cold sore is to stop the spreading of virus. Try not to touch the cold sore as much as possible. Keep it clean and avoid things that may boost the spreading. Your main goal is to stop spreading as much as possible or cold sores may multiply.