7 Foolproof Home Remedies for Vaginitis

Vaginitis refers to a medical term that includes infection and inflammation in vagina. This may occur due to different harmful organisms like virus, bacteria and yeast. Vaginitis may also be an effect of sexual transmission of harmful organisms. It occurs due to the imbalance between good and bad bacteria in your vagina. Causes of vaginitis can be antibiotics, hormonal change, stress and sexual intercourse. Different types of chemicals and allergens like cream, sprays, dirty and allergic clothes may also trigger vaginitis. Home remedies for vaginitis is the best way for treatment.

Symptoms of vaginitis include excessive vaginal discharge, pain during urination, and inflammation in vagina accompanied by itchiness in vagina. Especially when you are in a crowd place, meeting or in a date. It is not much of a serious disease but can really be annoying and you may go through a very hard time. Thinking hard? We certainly have home remedies for vaginitis too.

List of Home Remedies for Vaginitis

1. Yoghurt

home remedies for vaginitisWhen it comes to any of the home remedies for vaginitis, yoghurt is a very good alternative. Yoghurt helps in maintaining the pH level in your vagina. Besides, it contains good bacteria that fights with the bad bacteria and makes you relieved. Eating yogurt is beneficial to fight the bad bacteria and applying yoghurt in the affected part of vagina is also equally helpful to treat the symptoms.



2. Using the necessary oils

Some useful oils also work very well as the major home remedies for vaginitis. Tea tree oil is the most effective one. It is one natural anti – bacterial and anti- fungal compound that not only helps in killing the harmful germs in your vagina but deals with the awful fishy odor which you face during the course. Add a few drops of tea tree oil in half glass of water and rinse your vagina well with it.
Coconut oil not only helps in getting rid of vaginitis by killing the germs but also prevents you from recurring this condition, all thanks to its anti – viral, anti – fungal and anti – bacterial properties. Apply coconut oil gently on the affected area to get rid of vaginitis.

Another essential oil that helps to get rid of vaginitis is Oregano oil. It has the capacity to fight with the germs as it is coated with anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties. It not only cures but also prevents. Applying this oil in the affected area is also very much effective and drinking a tablespoon of it by mixing it with a glass of water is equally beneficial.

3. Using neem for vaginitis

neemNeem is very useful home remedy, which has natural anti – bacterial and anti – fungal properties. It kills the germs that causes infection in your vagina and stops the pain, inflammation and itchiness in your vagina. Making a neem paste with water and applying it in the triggered part is a great way to treat vaginitis.




4. Apple cider vinegar

Apple-cider-vinegarApple cider vinegar helps in increasing the vaginal acidity that makes the bad bacteria difficult to adopt. Hence, it is very effective way to kill the bacteria and thus the disease. Apply apple cider vinegar in the infected area or bathe with the water mixed with apple cider vinegar for effectiveness.




5. Using garlic

garlicThe anti – fungal properties in garlic helps in preventing bacteria formation in the infected area. Not only for treatment, if you see any of the symptoms, garlic can also be used to prevent vaginitis. Choose your way to consume garlic – cooked or raw, though you cannot bear the taste and smell of raw garlic. Also, apply garlic pastes in affected areas of your vagina.



6. Get a glass of Milk

glass-of-MilkLike yoghurt, milk contains good bacteria which fight the bad ones which makes an excellent remedy to treat vaginitis. Besides, milk helps to boost your immune system keeping you out of diseases and speed up the healing process.




7. Improving the habits

Avoiding harmful substances and improving your habits might also help a lot for the symptoms of vaginitis. Maintain a good hygiene. Avoid hot water baths, perfumes and scents, allergens, irritants, unsafe sex, multiple sex partners and smoking habit. Consider these tips not only as remedy but also as prevention. A quick cold compress might also give you an instant relief but do not use the ice directly. Wrap it in a cloth before you compress.