Fastest Way to Fall Asleep | 8 Natural Tips for better Sleep

Getting a good sleep every night leads to a healthy and quality lifestyle. So, fastest way to fall asleep? Sleep is mostly hindered by over-pressurized works, unnecessary responsibilities and mental as well as physical challenges.

The first and foremost thing is to figure out why you can’t get a good sleep. People have variations when they talk about the sleeping problems. Unlike other problems, the causes of insomnia are not so specific. First, find out the cause.

8 Tips on Fastest Way to Fall Asleep Every Nightfastest way to fall asleep

1. Make a sleep schedule

Time schedule for sleeping everyday including weekends and holidays helps to regulate the body’s timetable and gets you asleep at night. It is one of the fastest way to fall asleep at night. When you have a specific schedule for your night sleep, your mind and body starts to adapt to the schedule and you cannot help but feel sleepy at that time of night. Also, you need to schedule yourself for waking up too. If you cannot have a drastic change, changing the schedule slowly can help you get on track.

10PM-5AM is proved to be a perfect timing for sleep. But people having variations, 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to get you going. When it’s dark, we release more hormones that help us to have a deeper sleep. You can perform a light physical work that tenses your muscles and gets you in bed early. But make sure the activity you perform is light.

2. Maintain a perfect sleeping environment

Arrange a proper sleeping environment filled with peace and less distractions. In case you have no control over arranging your sleeping environment, earplugs are handy. Turn on the ventilations and set a cool temperature. Use bed mattresses and pillows which feel comfortable to you. Allergens like dust, smoke, pets can be your major distractions. Notice these small things and set yourself with a perfect sleeping environment.

3. Get the right food and drink

It is very important to have a proper diet plan especially before you go to bed. Avoid heavy meals and spicy foods during the night time which are difficult to digest. Strictly restrict caffeine after dawn or earlier. Caffeine hampers the sleep for 10-12 hours. So, intake coffee, green tea and other liquors containing caffeine early in the morning. Also, drink minimum water and liquids during the evening time so that your sleep is not disrupted at night by frequent bathroom trips.

4. Put a control over alcoholic beverages and avoid smoking

You may strongly believe that consuming alcohol during the night time gets you going. It is true. But the same alcohol wakes you at midnight hindering your sleep. To get a better sleep, restrict the consumption of alcohol before bed. You may feel relaxed and sleepy after you intake beverages but you may greet yourself with a good morning at midnight. Smoking is another major factor of sleep disturbance. Nicotine in cigarettes is most active during night time which disrupts your sleep. So, NO SMOKING!

5. Have a stress free mental condition

If you do not have a control over your emotions or if you cannot let go of your emotions, you cannot provide yourself with a quality sleep. When in tough conditions, you can think of something more charming or relax taking deep breaths in and out to stop worrying. Negative emotions like wrath and fear can interfere in your sleeping schedule. I know its easier saying than doing to get a complete control over your emotions and feelings. But realize the fact that these negative emotions and stress can lead to insomnia and try every possible thing to get rid of factors causing stress to some extent.

6. Practice meditation and exercise

Practicing meditation and performing regular exercises has been proven to be the most effective way to avoid insomnia. People with severe cases of insomnia practice these two magic bullets to get a sound sleep every night. Try starting your meditation routine with just 5 minutes a day and exercises with 10 minutes a day. Meditate just before you try sleeping. You will notice a difference the next morning. Playing sports might help when it comes to exercise. But do not force your body to get so much exhausted that it works the other way round. Overtraining or over exercising will surely hinder your sleep. Along with meditation, you can try yoga classes. If you are a severe patient, I suggest you joining yoga classes and never see a 1 AM in a clock.

7. Check over your Circadian rhythms

Maintaining your circadian rhythm might do wonders for getting fastest way to fall asleep. Take off your sunglasses in the morning and get a light exposure for more wakefulness. Also, avoid bright lights, T.V, computer screen that suppresses your mind and makes it difficult to sleep.

8. Avoid sleeping at the day time

The most straightforward tip to figure out fastest way to fall asleep every night. Put simply, sleeping at day time hinders your sleep at the night. Even for those who sleep very well every night, they might have a tough time sleeping if they sleep few hours earlier. Strictly avoid doing that. Even if you feel sleepy, save it for the night.