Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

All of you must have heard it, water for acne. Most of the times, the common question is “Does drinking water help acne” However, the answer really depends. If the question means that if drinking water helps to remove acne and the scars, the answer would be no. But water really can be effective in preventing the burst outs.

Now, to be more direct, water does not help in removing the acne caused or the scars that you have maintained. Already developed acne require more effort and remedies to go off. Water alone, does not have much effect on removing acne.

does drinking water help acne

So, why the myth? The statement “Drinking water helps acne” is not actually a myth. It is not a myth in the sense that water does not help to remove acne but definitely in preventing the acne. Acne, most of the times, is caused by toxins in your body and drinking sufficient water helps in removing the toxins. So if you believe that water helps to prevent acne, the question “Does drinking water help acne” would have a positive answer. However, removing the acne already caused and removing the scars can really be troublesome just with water.

How does water help in controlling acne?

Acne, majority of the times, is produced when your body is full of toxins or because of impurities present in the blood. What water does is, it helps in clearing out the unwanted toxins produced in your body and in purifying the blood. Water also aids proper blood circulation in your body which again is very effective in cleansing your skin. Moreover, the stomach ailments present is cleared out with water and helps in controlling the acne burst outs.

Hot water vs cold water

How is the consumption of hot water and cold water related with acne? No myths can be heard about cold water. However, it is often assumed that drinking hot water somehow aids in acne burst outs. The assumption being completely false, hot water helps in opening the pores and cleansing the skin and controls acne breakouts. So, consuming hot water has no such effects as acne breakouts.

What can be expected from water for acne?

“How does drinking water help acne and what can we expect from water?” You sure have this question in your mind. Water can, in a sense, be very effective for acne and acne breakouts. It doesn’t totally help in removing the acne and acne scars but removing the toxins and unwanted materials from your body can somehow, control and prevent the acne. Moreover, if you let yourself to be dehydrated, you are to expect more acne breakouts and similar problems. Flushing out the toxins and impurities from you blood is what you can expect from water. As a result, you may not suffer from any more acne breakouts which means water helps in preventing acne breakouts if not in removing the acne.

Not completely, but scars caused due to acne can be lightened to some extent by drinking water. However, it cannot be called the removal of acne scars. Lightening the scars and decreasing the puffiness of the acne can be expected from water. But you can completely rely on water in the case of prevention of acne scars. You won’t, most of the times, suffer from acne burst outs if you regularly consume 3-4 liters of water.

What are the skins benefits of water?

Water is very effective for your overall body. Skin problems like wrinkles and oiliness are taken care of water. To maintain the amount of calories and to cut out the excessive fat, water is effective. Daily consumption of water helps in clearance of skin and results in glowing skin. Natural glow is what you can expect for your skin by regular consumption of water.

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