Detox from Alcohol at Home: The Right Way

Are you tired of being drunk all the time? Are you sick of all the blackouts, hangovers, and having no idea what happened the night before? Maybe you’re tired of disappointing your family and friends. It’s probably time you said, “Enough is enough”. Alcohol addiction can be hard to overcome, but if done the right way, you can detox from alcohol at home.

Firstly, the fact that you chose to give up alcohol is commendable in itself. But you’ll need to do it the safe way. When you’ve been accustomed to staying drunk for long periods of time, giving up alcohol all at once will lead you to experience withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can range from suffering from shakiness and sweating, and you feeling overly anxious or panicky to severe complications, such as seizures fever, severe confusion, hallucinations, irregular heartbeats or delirium tremens.

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal are not to be taken lightly as they can be life-threatening. So, when giving up alcohol, you should follow proper methods.

Alcohol Detox Treatment Types

Basically, there are three types of treatments you can undergo:

1. Inpatient Treatment

There are specific inpatient treatment facilities for treating alcohol addiction. It is usually recommended for people who have been drinking for a long time or consumed excessive amounts of alcohol during their addiction. Patients are usually prescribed medications to manage their withdrawal symptoms.

2. Outpatient Treatment

In case the addiction isn’t very severe, people can also opt for outpatient treatment. It involves visiting a treatment facility on a regular basis. When visiting the treatment facility, patients may be prescribed medications which can help manage their withdrawal symptoms.

3. Detox from Alcohol at Home

However, not everyone can afford the clinical or paid treatments.

So, the only alternative that remains is to detox from alcohol at home.

Many people who choose to detox at home quit cold turkey. A few, however, choose the tapering off method.

Although it can be painful and require a lot of work to detox from alcohol at home, it is possible. And that is exactly what I am going to guide you through.

If you have come so far into this article, it surely is because you want to get over your alcohol addiction and you want to do it at home. So the first thing you’ll need to do is:

Prepare to Detox from Alcohol at Home

You’ll need to undergo a few initial preparations. You want to win over your alcohol addiction, right? You’re doing it for the safety and happiness of your family, friends and yourself. So, you’ll need to do it in a way that is safe. You’ll need to start with these:

  1. Remove alcohol from your home: Obviously! But this is the most crucial step. In the beginning of the withdrawal symptoms, your craving for alcohol will be so bad, trust me – you will not be able to resist the temptation. So, put out the temptation altogether.
  2. Clear your schedule: Completely. It may seem impossible, but if you want your detox to be successful, you’ll have to. You’re doing this for the better. So please don’t hesitate to take some time off work for yourself.
  3. Get support: Because you’re about to detox from alcohol at home, it is crucial that you find a partner. A trusted friend or family member who can help you get through the process and keep you safely on track.

Now that you’ve done the preliminary preparation, it is time to decide the method of detox you’re going to use.

Alcohol Detox Methods: Cold Turkey or Taper Off Alcohol?

You could do any of the two methods. But each has its own risks and benefits. To help you decide on one, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you healthy?

If you’re in your twenties and you’re trying to quit your drinking problems that haven’t turned a year old, you can go on and quit cold turkey without a lot of serious problems.

If you’re not so young, however, and have stayed drunk for more than a couple years; it might be better you tapered off. For you, quitting cold turkey can be dangerous, even fatal.

2. Do you handle pain well?

I will not lie to you or candy-coat anything. Detoxing from alcohol is going to be painful.

Quitting cold turkey is going to be much more painful than tapering off.

But once you win, all the pain you is going to be worth it.

So what you need to figure out is, do you want to take more time and feel lesser pain? Or can you handle the pain and want to get it over with quicker?

No matter your choice, you’ll need a friend to support you. If you’re tapering off, don’t take the drinks by yourself. Put your friend in charge of your doses. Doing it yourself makes way for temptation, don’t do it.

How to Taper Off Alcohol?

Even when tapering off, you’ll need to avoid getting drunk. So choose something with a lower alcohol content. Wine is a good choice, beer is better.

What you need to do:

  1. Drink small amounts of beer, tapering down gradually.
  2. Put a friend in charge of your doses.
  3. The amount of beer depends on each individual. 12 ounces (350 ml) every hour is a reasonable starting point.
  4. After two or three hours, increase the time between the drinks, or reduce the dose to 8 ounces (235 ml).
  5. Reduce the dose to 4 ounces after two or three hours.
  6. Further, increase the time between the drinks. Taking 4 ounces every two to three hours.
  7. Gradually reduce till you are safe not to drink at all.

Usually, when people taper off to detox from alcohol at home, they are able to stop drinking the beer safely within 24 to 48 hours.

Quitting Cold Turkey Alcohol

Now, this is where things are going to get really difficult. When you quit cold turkey, you’re going to get cravings. And you should not give in. That is why when you detox from alcohol at home, you’ll need a friend to help you when you’re vulnerable.

What Are Cravings

  1. Lack or willpower or motivation doesn’t cause cravings. Your willpower is there to help you beat the cravings.
  2. You crave doesn’t mean your detox and withdrawal aren’t working.
  3. The severity of cravings lasts for a very short period, so you can outlast it.

How to Control Alcohol Cravings

  1. Do some particular things, such as people, places, etc trigger your cravings for alcohol? Identify and note down the cues, so you can avoid them to avoid the cravings.
  2. Make a list of why you want to be sober. Write down how your life will change for the better without alcohol in it. This gives you positive reinforcement each time you get the cravings.
  3. Ask others for help. When you’re craving for a drink, build a support system that will remind you of your goal and keep you away from that dangerous liquid.
  4. If you like it, meditation and prayers can help to keep your mind calm and also help you focus on things that are important.

You can also use outside help. There are a lot of books and self-help manuals that can guide you through on your way to sobriety.

If you ask me, I must say these two would be my best picks for recovering from alcohol addiction:

  1. The Life Recovery Journal: Becoming a New You – One Step at a TimeThe Life Recovery Journal Becoming a New You

    This book is an excellent resource to work the Twelve Steps of Recovery in the most thorough way possible. Even if you aren’t a Christian, the deep questions will help you stay focused on your recovery journey. Get it on Amazon here.

  2. The Life Recovery WorkbookA Biblical Guide Through the Twelve StepsThe Life Recovery Workbook

    This workbook significantly helps a person focus their thoughts better to be able to succeed. It may not be the ultimate answer but I won’t call it anything lesser. It isn’t just for people in recovery, anyone who wants to have a better relationship with themselves and others will find it to be valuable. Get it on Amazon here.

Home Remedies to Detox Alcohol at Home

Since you’re on your journey to detox from alcohol at home, you’ll need to make some changes to your diet and adopt a few home remedies to help you.

1. Hydration

It is crucial for you to drink moderate to large amounts of water. Drinking enough water allows the body flush the toxins out of your body more easily.

Additionally, try to avoid caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Your sleep patterns will already be very disturbed. Tea and coffee will only exacerbate that.

Drink at least 3 liters of water (100 ounces) per day. Time it at regular intervals to combat the dehydration caused by alcohol in your body.

2. Diet

Avoid junk food and caffeine at all costs if you want your detox to be as effective and easy as possible.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables when you detox from alcohol at home, even if you don’t feel like it. You need to replace the toxins leaving your body with better alternatives.

Naturally, you’ll tend to crave sugar. Keep berries and raisins handy to calm the sugar cravings. Oats are good at controlling blood sugar. Bananas are a great source of energy, fiber, and potassium.

Also, eat foods that are high in protein, like chicken, fish, eggs or peanut butter. You probably won’t feel like eating much. That’s okay. Just eat in small portions.

3. Use Cayenne Pepper

Adding cayenne pepper to your food reduces the alcohol craving and increases your appetite. It can also ease common withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and decreased appetite.

4. Passion Flower Tea

Passion Flower Tea can help relieve the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal such as insomnia and delirium.

5. Basil

Basil is one of the most effective herbs to curb alcohol craving. It’s powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help free the body from harmful free radicals and help you detox from alcohol at home safely.

Pluck luck some soft basil twigs and soak them overnight with twenty peppercorns in a glass of water. Drink the water in the morning. Regular intake of this water can help curb your alcohol cravings.

6. Vitamin B

Regular alcohol consumption causes a vitamin B deficiency. In order to heal the body from within, eat foods rich in vitamin B. In addition, eat foods rich in magnesium and vitamin C to ensure smooth bodily functions.

Supplements for Alcohol Detox

In addition to the home remedies, you’ll need supplements to help you get through your journey when you detox from alcohol at home.

Taking supplements can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms, replenish the vital nutrients in your body and control cravings.

Moreover, supplements can also help reverse the harmful effects of alcohol in our bodies. With so many supplements available in the market, it can get pretty hard to choose.

Therefore, I’ll share with you a few that I have found to be very effective when wanting to detox from alcohol at home.

1. Alcohol Detox by Nutri-DynAlcohol Detox by Nutri-Dyn

This is a nutritional support complex formulated to support alcohol detoxification. You need to take two capsules before and after each serving of alcohol. It works by breaking up the liver’s first metabolite of alcohol, acetaldehyde – the chemical that causes hangovers, dehydration and skin aging. It is exceptionally great in preventing hangovers. Get yours on Amazon.

2. Life Extension Anti-Alcohol AntioxiLife Extension Anti-Alcohol Antioxidant Capsulesdant Capsules

These are made to suppress free radicals, neutralize toxic alcohol metabolites. They support healthy liver function as they contain hepato-protective agents that aid in reducing harmful compounds and protecting liver cells from free radicals. Using these will help you to repair your liver that you’ve damaged with all that drinking. Get yours on Amazon.

3. Midatrexone Alcohol Withdrawal Complex

Midatrexone Alcohol Withdrawal ComplexThis helps a lot with alcohol withdrawal symptoms as well as cravings. It contains the essential B vitamins and Kudzu extracts that naturally help with alcohol detox. It is also good for controlling the mood swings and irritability that comes with alcohol withdrawal. Get yours on Amazon.

4. Mitadone Anti-Alcohol Aid Multi Vitamin Program helps manage alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, irritability, stress, nausea and fatigue. This has everything one needs for alcohol detox in it – Vitamin B, Kudzu Root, Milk Thistle Extract, Bupleurum Root, Ala, Guaran, Inositol. It is an all-in-one product for those quitting alcohol. Get yours on Amazon.

Although medical practitioners clearly discourage the practice, it is possible to detox from alcohol at home. You just have to follow correct steps and make sure you don’t attempt it alone. Always do it in an environment where you are safe and get support from your friends and family.

That’s it. You can win over your alcohol addiction and you will. Congratulations on making the choice. Good luck!

If, at any point, it gets too difficult, don’t hesitate to get help from a professional. 


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