Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

Black circles just below your eyes are what we call dark circles. Majority here are concerned about what exactly causes dark circles. Every person has his/her own theory on causes of dark circles. Some may suggest you that it may be because you are tired, some may say you didn’t have enough sleep and some may even say dark circles are hereditary. All of the examples above being somewhat true, dark circles are caused due to variations of causes depending on the people suffering. What may be the dark circles under eyes causes?

Common Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

dark circles under eyes causes

Some of the most common causes of dark circles include:

1.      Sleep deprivation

You may not have met the person who doesn’t tell you sleep deprivation is the major cause. However, if you go through the fact, sleep deprivation cannot be considered as the major cause of dark circles. It is somehow, effective for creating the circles but even if you sleep 10 hours a day, you might have dark circles under your eyes. For some, if any other factor is not causing the circles, sleep deprivation may be the cause.

2.      Stress

Stress may be a more convenient cause than sleep deprivation as it is also accompanied by sleep deprivation. Overstress sometimes causes insomnia which results in dark circles. Furthermore, stress hampers the brain’s capability to function properly, makes you think more and even if you are feeling sleepy, you won’t be able to sleep. This can be one of the major dark circles under eyes causes.

3.      Ageing

Ageing can be another of the most probable dark circles under eyes causes. As we get older, our capability to regenerate skin cells weakens because of which dark circles under eyes develops. No matter how much you sleep, or even if you are stress free, the skin under your eyes becomes thinner and thus the dark circles.

4.      Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is what matters the most. In many such problems similar to dark circles, like wrinkles, pimples, your lifestyle has an effect. The way you sleep, eat, and take care of yourself has a lot to do with your physical appearance. Here, we may take dark circles as your physical appearance. Smoking, not having the right time-table for sleeping and eating are the examples of non-healthy lifestyle.

5.      Dehydration

Again, dehydration may also cause dark circles. Lack of proper amount of water in your body diminishes your ability to regenerate the skin cells and thus causes dark circles.

Some of the other causes include

  • Eczema
  • Heredity
  • Allergies
  • Periorbital Cellulitis
  • Sun exposure
  • Anemia


What can you do to get rid of dark circles?

1.      Improve your diet

You can always manage and improve your diet to get rid of the circles. Improper diet plan and unhealthy lifestyle being one of the dark circles under eyes causes, maintaining your diet can help to get rid of the circles.

2.      Cucumber

cucumber for dark circlesCucumber helps in lightening and refreshing your skin. Apply pieces of cucumber in each eye and you may see your dark circle lightening with time.



3.      Potato

Potato again has the similar property like that of a cucumber. Its bleaching property helps in lightening the skin which is useful to get rid of the dark circles.

4.      Sleep well

Not being the major cause, however, sleep deprivation can somehow create the circles under your eyes. Sleep 8-10 hours a day to prevent dark circles or if you already have it, not doing the thing that causes the circles is simply going to fade away the problem.

5.      Yoga

Yoga can be very effective in improving your physical appearance. Join yoga classes and within a few days or weeks, you will not see any marks under your eyes. Thinking in another way, yoga helps in reducing your life stress which is considered as another of the major dark circle under eyes causes. Simply put, reducing life stress is going to reduce dark circles.

6.      Drink plenty of water

You need to provide yourself with enough fluids if you want to get rid of the problem. Not only water, consume any essential fluid you can. Take examples of hot soups, fruit juices and similar types. This way you will be able to feed yourself with enough of the important nutrients which is again essential for getting rid of the dark circles.