Prevent and Cure Constipation During Period

One of the frequently asked questions by most of the women around: Is constipation during period and before period normal? If you are confused with constipation or other stomach problems, here is the short answer. If you are not having your bowel movements properly and pass a hard stool, you are probably suffering from constipation.

constipation during period

What is the relation between constipation and period? What has constipation to do with the period or what has the period to do with constipation? Stomach pain or upset stomach is normal to most of the women during the period,  but only a few of them experience constipation. Are you suffering from constipation during period?

Under normal circumstances i.e. when you are free from menstruation period, dehydration, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits, not eating enough fibre rich foods, less physical works, can be some of the causes of constipation. Sometimes, when you experience constipation before period, constipation may not be related to menstrual cycle but may be due to the above-mentioned causes. But during the period, you are more likely to suffer from constipation because of the hormonal change you experience.

Constipation During Period

Excluding the causes of constipation during the normal period, during menstruation, the most probable cause can be the change of hormones or its production. Production and increase of hormones like oestrogen and progesterone play the most important part. Moreover, progesterone is said to have more effect on constipation and can cause digestive issues during menstruation or pregnancy. This is the one hormone that fluctuates in women throughout their life. However, in half of the cases, women are actually not constipated due to this fluctuation of hormones but because of other normal causes and unhealthy lifestyle.

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Is constipation before period normal?

Yes, it is. As long as the constipation caused is due to the rise and fall of hormones during the time of menstruation, it is normal. In most of the cases, during menstruation and pregnancy, women tend to comfort themselves with junk foods and comfortable lifestyle. They also tend to consume less amount of water and fibre rich food. These directly leads to constipation and problem in bowel movements. These cases often are confused with constipation that is caused due to hormones.

As said earlier, half of the women, even more, experience constipation, diarrhoea, back pain and other stomach issues before or during the period and it is completely normal and natural. But the other half is totally under control and constipation caused is due to the eating habits and their daily routine. Constipation being natural and normal doesn’t mean you don’t need to prevent and take care of your health. You can reduce the strength of constipation you are suffering from with various remedies and practices and even get rid of it.

How to ease and prevent constipation before period?

There is not much difference in the preventive and curative measures of constipation during period and normal constipation. With preventive measures and healthy eating habits, your digestive issues can be abated to some extent.

First and foremost, your lifestyle is what you need to be careful of. The main cause of excessive stomach problems and gastritis during menstruation is because the food you intake and the food that is required during this period are two different things. Adding enough fibre to your diets and being hydrated all the time are the essential factors which you might be missing. Also, the habit of performing physical exercises in a regular manner can ease the suffering.

Eat sufficient foods that are rich in fibre and other required supplements. Foods like salads, fruits, beans and lentils are the greatest source of fibre and minerals. Try adding all of them to your diet. If not immediately, try adding these essentials regimens slowly according to your comfort. Because of the comfortable food you are having during your time of the month, you might have a tough time getting rid of those comfortable foods and add these to your diet. So, own your pace but make sure you add these to your daily regimens.

You also need to avoid certain foods that trigger your constipation during period and other stomach problems. Along with constipation, stomach problems like gastritis and diarrhoea can also be experienced before period. And some foods trigger all of those stomach issues. Avoid the consumption of meat totally as it is constipation’s greatest enemy. Other foods like hard as well as soft drinks, junk foods and artificial snacks can show similar effects. Also, foods with added sweeteners and excess consumption of sugar can trigger hormonal imbalance and thus provoke your constipation.

Exercising and proper hydration aids a lot to get rid of those monthly affairs. Drinking enough water helps you to flush out toxins from your stomach and your overall body preventing not only constipation but other similar problems during menstruation. Lack of fluids in your body causes to store unwanted stomach ailments causing you various diseases including constipation.

Exercising, in a similar way, can help to increase blood flow and provides sufficient oxygen to your body. There are exercises that specially target your intestines and pelvis and increases blood flow to the respective organs.
Drink a glass of water or intake other effective fluids every single hour and make a habit of performing cardiovascular exercises to get rid of all those stomach problems before and during menstruation.