Burning Sensation while Urinating: Symptoms, causes and preventions

The term “Burning Urination” or “Dysuria” refers to the burning sensation or discomfort before, during or after urination. A slight difference can be noticed when we say “Burning Urination” and “Dysuria”. Dysuria can be specifically termed as the difficulty in urinating with a severe pain in the urinary tract whereas in case of burning sensation while urinating, you experience the burn especially during and after the urinating process.

The most common cause of this sensation can be UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Besides, ulcer, kidney stones, jaundice, malnutrition, dehydration, STDs like gonorrhea, Chlamydia and herpes, and diabetes also aid in triggering the burn. Mostly, women experience this burning sensation while urinating because of the infection and inflammation in their urinary bladders or because of other vaginal infections.

Burning Sensation While Urinating: Symptoms

burning sensation while urinating


Discomfort while urinating and urge to urinate frequently is simply the major cause of the burning urination. Other common symptoms include

• Frequent urge of urination with incomplete process.
• Urine may smell foul.
• Difficulty or discomfort in urinating.
• Blood colored urine.
• Unbearable urge to urinate.

These were the common symptoms. Sometimes, symptoms related to other diseases can combine with the symptoms of burning urination. These include

• Light fever.
• Uncomfortable sexual intercourse.
• Pain in the hip flexors.
• Rashes in skin, especially around the genitals.
• Nausea.
• Back pain.

Other times, the burning sensation itself can be the symptoms of other fatal infections in the urinary tract or kidneys. These types of burning sensation can really be delicate. The symptoms given by these types of burning sensation include

• No signs of urination.
• Serious and unbearable pain in the lower back and abdomen.
• High fever with vomiting.


To be more precise, any other factor assumed to be the cause of burning urination is the primary cause of inflammation in the urinary tract, kidney or bladder and the indirect cause of burning urination. Meaning, inflammation and infections in the respective organs are the major cause of burning urination. Kidney stones, urethritis, bladder cancer, and in women, menopause, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, herpes, can be some other possible causes. Unsafe and unorganized sexual intercourse also leads to the infection in urinary tract and genitals, especially of women. Not using contraceptive and having multiple sexual partners are the examples.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and burning urination

Almost all the times, the cause of the burning sensation while urinating can be the infection in the urinary tract. Bacterial infections and inflammation in the ureters, the tubes which function for carrying urine from kidneys to the urinary bladder can result in the sensation. However, the infection can be targeted in upper and lower part of the urinary tract. The infection in the lower urinary tract, also known as simple cystitis, results in uncomfortable urinating process.

In women, this infection can be more common in comparison with men as the urethra present in women is shorter than that of men. Also, sexual history, blood infections, and dehydration can be other common causes.

Treatments and Preventions

Preventing and treating some normal cases of burning urination is possible to some extent. Lifestyle changes and adopting and avoiding specific habits can have a great effect in preventing this burning sensation.

What to avoid?

Before adopting habits required, avoiding is what we need to talk about. Usually, the cause of this burning sensation is not because you aren’t adopting the required habits. It is because you are adopting the habits that trigger. So, the first thing, avoid factors that provoke burning urination.

Avoid citrus and acidic fruits and vegetables: Lemons, vinegar and tomatoes are some common regimens that contain citric acids which trigger Urinary Tract Infection.

Avoid alcohol at all cost: Not to mention the disadvantages of alcohol over burning urination, alcohol simply makes you dehydrated and produces acids in your stomach.

Caffeine: Caffeine is another of your daily habits that you need to take care of. Okay, at least for a few months.

Spicy foods: Again, the acid part. These foods also help producing acids in your stomach triggering the burning sensation while urinating.

Junk foods and snacks: Simply, avoid these or you will strengthen your disease.

What to adopt?

With addition of these remedies, you surely will weaken your pain.

Hydration: Any other better method to remove toxins from your urinary tract? Sometimes, because of pale urine and lack of dehydration, you might have been infected. Hydrate yourself every hour and notice the difference and comfort while urinating. Coconut juice is more effective in weakening the burning sensation. Alternate the usage of coconut juice and water.

Coriander: Consume coriander juice daily. Coriander contains anti-inflammatory properties that help preventing and reducing the inflammation you are suffering from.

Use suitable contraceptives: Simple but effective. Sexual intercourse has also an effect on burning urination. Not having safe sex or having multiple sex partners can cause the burn. Use contraceptives every time you are involved in sexual intercourse. But make sure you use suitable and branded products. The latex in condoms can cause infections in your urinary tract.

Stay hygienic: Hygiene, the most important part. Clean your overall body and especially your genitals to prevent infection. Mostly, the infection in your genitals can spread all over your urinary tract and cause Urinary Tract Infection.