8 Best Way to Lose Thigh Fat

Think your pants got smaller? Look like a tiny hippo in the mirror? If you are concerned about how you look, excessive thigh fat might be very embarrassing. To be direct, there is no one exercise or method that specifically aids in losing thigh fat alone. Fat in your thigh is due to excess fat in your whole body. However, losing weight or let’s say fat can help in losing your thigh fat too. So, what may be the best way to lose thigh fat?

There is nothing much to work hard for to lose thigh fat. You don’t need to join the gym, you don’t need to run 5 miles a day, you don’t need to go on dieting. Simple steps and exercises can do a lot to get rid of the excessive fat.

8 Best Way to Lose Thigh Fat

best way to lose thigh fat

1.      Go for cardiovascular exercises

What we are trying here is to lose fat or make your muscles toned. Burning calories and losing overall body fat is going to make your legs thinner. Go for any exercise that makes you breathing hard. Skipping, swimming, running, sports, biking are some of the examples of cardiovascular exercise. If you are too concerned and are really devoted to lose thigh fat, treadmill can come handy for you to exercise at home. Perform every cardio exercise 4-5 times a week.

2.      Drink more water

Water is always related to weight loss and is the best way to lose thigh fat. Stay hydrated every time and you are not too far from your upcoming zero figure. Consumption of enough water also helps in burning calories and thus in losing thigh fat. Choosing water to other drinks prevents consumption of other hard or soft drinks like beer, soda and cola that contain high fat percentage and prevents in increasing the amount of fat in your body.

3.      Thigh targeted exercises

  1. Perform squats

Although performing only the exercises that target your legs will do nothing much for losing thigh fat, performing squats will get your legs toned. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart. Go down until your hamstrings get parallel with your ground and hold on for 3-5 seconds. Perform 12 reps for just a set in the beginning and later on increase up to 3-4 sets. Do not try and exercise more than required in the beginning or you will suffer from fatigue.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are another of the best thigh targeted exercises. Lunges specially target your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Stay in a position like you are ready to take off in a marathon and go up and down with each leg for 12 reps. Increase the reps and sets with time.

4.      Green tea

Green tea with its herbal properties and antioxidants like theophylline, vitamin C, B1, A, K, P and B12, caffeine, polyphenols, helps in burning fat very quickly. The major function of green tea in case of losing fat is to increase metabolism in the body which in turn helps in burning fat. These antioxidants contained in green tea help producing the hormones in your body that aids in losing thigh fat. Choose qualitative brand suitable for you and consume several cups of green tea daily for maximum benefits.

5.      Select food rich in protein and carbohydrates

Consume foods rich in fat and you will store more amount of fat in your body. Instead, choose foods that are rich in protein and carbohydrates which help in muscle building rather than fat storage.

6.      Eat very often

The idea here is to prevent you from eating more. Eat several times a day but help yourself with a light snack. This prevents you from getting hungry and gets you eating less during breakfast and dinner.

7.      High reps and free weight

When exercising, it is recommended that you perform higher repetitions with low or no weight. This gets you burning fat very quickly. If possible, later you can try performing plyometrics or Pilates exercises very effective for losing weight.

8.      Join yoga

You won’t believe the benefits of yoga in losing overall weight of your body. Yoga can be considered as the best way to lose thigh fat. Various yoga methods that have been followed from ancient times are used by majority of people for losing weight. Join yoga just for a month, lose weight from your overall body and you won’t believe your legs.