Belly Button Infection Treatment

Our belly lies in the dark, warm and moist part of our body. It makes out the perfect area for bacteria or fungi to reside. The increase of bacteria or fungi in the belly button, infection is prompt to be seen. Belly button infection might be bacterial or yeast. No matter what the reason is, it refers the same problem. And you know what… belly button infection treatment can be found at home. It could occur regarding any age or gender. However, people who pierce their navel is more prone to the belly button infection.

Belly button infection can be painful. But the pain could be mild at the beginning. Worse the infection, more serious will be the condition. Symptoms like itchiness, redness, discharging, bad small and swelling can be noticed. Neglecting these symptoms might cause bleeding and the feeling of tiredness. Soon after the infection is noticed proper treatment is required. Here are some tips that help you in belly button infection treatment.

belly button infection treatment

Belly Button Infection Treatment

1.      Salt water

Salt with water is perfect to absorb moist. Moist in the belly button can reason to the bacterial infection. But it is better to use warm salt water. It increases blood flow increasing the healing effect. Plus, it prevents from further infections as well.

With 1tsp of salt and a cup of clean and warm water, prepare a solution. Damp a cotton pad with the solution. Gently clean the infected area with the cotton pad and leave dry. Repeat the process twice a day till the recovery day. Rinse the affected area with clean water. Antibacterial cream can be used after that.

2.      Healthy hygiene

Healthy hygiene is the most important thing we need to consider while living bacteria free life. Considering belly button infection, belly button should be kept clean and dry. It stops bacteria from entering our body, reduces bacterial infection and boosts healing. Bath regularly. Taking shower would be better. There is more argument between taking shower and bathing. Most of the people are confused about taking shower and bathing. It’s common and here’s the reason. Taking shower reduces the contamination of bacteria as water keeps on flowing. But we use still water while bathing. Use antibacterial soap or cleanser.

After shower, dry the area and apply antibacterial lotion. Water-based lotion or ointment should be used. It’s better to keep your hands away from the belly button as it may transmit bacteria.

3.      Warm compress

Warm compress maintains the level of blood circulation on the affected area. It will help you to feel relieved from the uneasiness and pain due to the infection. In addition, warm compress increases the healing power.

Soak a cotton pad in the warm water. Press out the excess water. Place the cotton pad on the affected area for few minutes. Repeating the process for several times a day might be helpful in belly button infection treatment.

4.       The goodness of Aloe Vera

While talking about treating skin problem or taking care of skin, Aloe Vera is referred at the top. In this case as well, Aloe Vera can be very helpful. The goodness of Aloe Vera is unquestionable. It is sure to reduce the problematic condition and to boost the healing capacity. Besides, it soothes the skin as well.

Gel extracted from the Aloe Vera (by cutting open) should be applied on the belly button. Pat it dry. Cleanse the area with clean tissue after few minutes. This process is ought to be repeated for several times a day.

5.      Turmeric

Making a way to the kitchen, you can easily find turmeric. It is an abundant antibiotic agent found in the natural state. It heals and prevents from the infection. Turmeric is the best antiseptic.

Mix a little amount of turmeric powder and water to make a paste. Put on the paste over the affected area of the belly button. Leave it dry. Rinse the area with clean and moist tissue. Repeat the process after few hours.

Alternatively, a little turmeric powder with a little honey can also be consumed. Take it on the regular basis. It will help to boost your metabolism and healing power internally. It is the safe way for belly button infection treatment.

6.      Tea Tree Oil

A natural oil from tea tree is very helpful for our skin. It is antibacterial. It soothes the skin and heals the affected area. Using tree tea oil is one of the natural way for belly button infection treatment.

Tea tree oil should be used in the little amount. Excessive use will show up negative effects. With tea tree oil (few drops about 3 or 4) and coconut or olive oil (1tsp), make a solution. Using a damped cotton pad with the solution, apply gently on the affected area. Cleanse it after leaving it dry for few minutes. Continue the process for several times a day. Ultimately, you can get relief from the belly button infection.

7.      Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a denatured alcohol prepared for the topical use. Antiseptic property possessed in the rubbing alcohol can control and prevent bacterial infection. Apply on the affected part with rubbing alcohol. This will be helpful to feel relieved from the uneasy and problematic condition.

Using a cotton ball damped with rubbing alcohol, rub gently over the surface of the affected area. Repeat the activity for several times.

8.      Review your diet

Diet you are consuming has the major role in your health. Foods having high vitamin C and antioxidants along with garlic is effective while considering the prevention of the infection. Similarly, you also need to control your sugar level in bloods. Avoid the foods that increases sugar level.

Furthermore, seeking the help of the physician would be the best if none of these tips are effective on you. Taking advice from a doctor is a guaranteed way for belly button infection treatment.