5 Home Remedies for Stress

Stress is a very severe problem leading the person to the way of mental tension and depression. It can occur in any person when the body becomes mentally, emotionally and socially weak. However home remedies for stress is available. It can be due to a huge loss or various events that causes mental or emotional tension. Some significant causes can be death of loved ones, job loss, over work and family conflict.

Now, what can over-stress result to? You will experience fatigue, headaches, back pains, joint pains, stiff neck, weak concentration and memory loss, loss of appetite, disturbed or unusual sleep and change in weight: either weight loss or weight gain. When your stress level keeps increasing, in such severe conditions you have a high chance to meet severe and chronic diseases like major depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, obesity, skin disorders, cancer and heart attacks.

Home Remedies for Stress That works

Stress is common to all people. At any point in life, almost every person in this world will experience stress. Becoming over stressed is the condition when you should start worrying.

Anti-depressants may be unhealthy itself, so try these magical home remedies for stress.

home remedies for stress

1. Get a cup of herbal tea

Herbal teas are very helpful to reduce your stress and so is sleep. In fact, disturbed and incomplete sleep may even promote your stress. Try managing your sleeping time and do not sleep for too long as excessive sleep leads to depression. Tea gets your nerves to calm down and help you relax and get quality sleep. Bee balm is sedative and particularly good for insomnia. Valerian tea is also very helpful to get a good sleep, just mind the dosage, it may turn out to show side-effects if dosed high.
Besides, other different herbal teas also work as home remedies for stress. Rosemary tea is very helpful to get rid of depression. Chamomile tea with basil leaves is also proved to help in reducing stress.

2. Try vitamin-B rich foods

Getting rid of stress and healthy diet plan is very much related. Cut out the junks that increases stress as well as anxiety. Also watch out the amount of caffeine. Too much caffeine not only makes you dehydrated but anxious and stressful as well.
Vitamin-B includes in a healthy diet and works as a very good home remedy for stress. Lack of this vitamin in your body results to irritation, tension and depression and promotes the stress level. It helps in promoting the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system and also to keep you relaxed and stress free. So, check your diet and add some vitamin-B rich foods such as beans, peas, nuts and dairy products.

3. Manage your stress with scent

Another way to reduce stress is by inhaling certain scents, which is best known as aromatherapy. These scents include lavender oil, rosemary, apple cider vinegar and chamomile oil. The smell of these scents release chemicals in the brain by stimulating the limbic system. This process has a great effect on making a good mood and in reducing your anxiety.
Not only by inhaling but taking bath in these essential oils can also be very helpful to reduce stress. Other than that, massaging in the neck and shoulders can also give you relief as these parts bear all the stress of your body. Massaging in the tense muscles also help to continue circulation in the blocked channels and get relief from the pain.

4. Grab essential herbs

Different types of necessary herbs are used as home remedies for stress. Passion flower is one of them. Not proved yet, but it is believed that passion flower releases some kind of chemicals in the brain that makes you feel more relaxed. But it’s not recommended for pregnant women and small children. Better consult a doctor or health expert before trying.
Another essential herb is aswaganda which relaxes the brain and helps in reducing stress. It is a long time used remedy for enhancing mental performance and in reducing stress, especially when you are victimized due to overwork, fatigue and anxiety.

5. Licorice

Licorice helps to increase the energy and reduce inflammation and stress. It boosts your immune system and helps you fight against the burning effects of stress. Its roots can also be served in the form of tea.